While working on Windows normally, suddenly my screen turned black and I would constantly hear the USB-connection sound. A reboot attempt went through until the Windows logo was displayed alongside an endlessly spinning circle, while playing the same USB-connection sound over and over.

I dual boot Arch Linux, so I naturally tried to boot it instead: everything works fine there. Hence, I concluded it is not a hardware problem, but perhaps a driver issue.

Thus, I tried safe booting into Windows, but as soon as I enter my login credentials and proceed past the login screen, my keyboard loses power (it has key-illumination) though the desktop is displayed normally. Swapping USB ports had no effect and neither did swapping the keyboard for an old spare. Sadly I don't have a PS/2 keyboard around to try that too.

Performing a system restore temporarily undoes this behavior, allowing Windows to even start normally (i.e., not in safe mode). However, if left unattended for a few minutes, the problem reoccurs, showing the same black screen accompanied by USB-connection sounds. How do I find out which updater/service is the culprit and prevent it from executing?