UPDATE: FIXED IT! The custom scaling level was set at 150% for some reason... I moved it back down to 100%, signed out and signed back in and problem was fixed. Hooray.

I started up my PC today and I noticed that certain things look much larger than before. For example applications such as Photoshop appear bigger. On top of that, the page scroll bar on Chrome is a lot larger than usual and certain Windows features such as Volume Mixer look big as well.

Here is PS for example. I have a 1440P display and if you view the image in it's full size, you can tell that it's big.

Here is the Volume Mixer I was talking about. The scroll bar on the bottom is bigger and the icons and such are big as well.

I've checked the resolution in Display Settings and it is set at the correct resolution: 2560 x 1440

I have a G-Sync display so I can change the resolutions via NVIDIA Control Panel as well. The resolution there is set to the correct one as well.

I restarted my computer but the problem still persists. This problem did not occur yesterday at all. I was using my PC the entire day without any problems.