Changing system time completely breaks start menu functionality on CU

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  1.    01 Jun 2017 #11

    Kari said: View Post
    That might have something to do with your issue: if you enable "Set time automatically", then turn it back even for a minute, what should Windows think? Should it set time automatically, or should it use the wrong custom time you set?
    It does the same thing if you do NTP sync it... it's just faster to set the clock manually than wait for it to sync. I did test that.

    FWIW, I did try a couple VMs where I had it online, but maybe half the time it didn't sync the time right away until after I was already at the desktop, in which case the problem occurred. I was just giving you a tip on how to guarantee the problem will happen...
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  2.    16 Aug 2017 #12

    Thanks man! I just experienced this issue right now, and now I just have to wait for 12 hours to make use of the start menu again... This is just...
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  3.    16 Aug 2017 #13

    casshern008 said: View Post
    Thanks man! I just experienced this issue right now, and now I just have to wait for 12 hours to make use of the start menu again... This is just...
    Yeah, best thing I can suggest is to just temporarily set your clock forward, arrange the start menu how you like, then set it back. You'll be prevented from making any changes until the real time catches up with the previously set time, but at least you'll be able to customize it a bit.

    You should still be able to *use* the start menu, you just can't rearrange any tiles.

    Really stupid glitch in the newest update, not sure what the actual point of this was.
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  4.    16 Aug 2017 #14

    Yet another reason to spurn the Creator's Update ... which ought be called Destroyer's Downgrade.
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       16 Aug 2017 #15

    margrave55 said: View Post
    Yet another reason to spurn the Creator's Update ... which ought be called Destroyer's Downgrade.
    You must be proud of yourself, coming up with such a clever name. "Destroyer's Downgrade". I'm sure you have tweeted it and posted it on FB already, to be cool :)

    That being said, I clean install Windows 10 at least a few times a day, both on physical hardware and virtual machines. I am a tester to the core of my being, I can't even remember when was the last day I did not install Windows.

    As told earlier in this thread, I need to change current time and / or time zone almost every time, back and forward. Because I do it as recommended, with network connected when installing, not disabling essential services and changing time zone when booted on desktop, I have never (I repeat: never!) seen this to happen, not even heard about it not counting you two users in this thread.

    If a user chooses not to follow installation instructions, disables everything, and then blames Windows for something failing, it's quite obvious who's to blame. The issues with set time and time zones really do not happen, it being a user caused issue.

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  6.    16 Aug 2017 #16

    Ok, I can confirm. This is a newly installed Windows from official ISO created from the media creation tool. I had to wait 12 hours to be able to "use" the Start Menu again. This is a known bug, the only solution is patience (or the other stuff mention by OP). I recommend after installing Windows to immediately change your clock to your proper local time to minimize waiting and don't customize your start menu until then.

    As for what Kari said above, I have installed, reinstalled and used Windows for more than a decade and I just encountered this bug for the first time yesterday. I also tried doing it on a VM, ALL DEFAULTS UNTOUCHED SETTINGS DURING INSTALLATION and the bug still persist, so it's not about NOT following instructions, it's most likely the cause of a different factor that we know nothing about and I can confirm that this bug only happens using the Windows Creator ISO, I tried using a previous ISO that I had on a virtual machine and on a spare laptop and I did not encounter this frustrating bug.

    Only from using the newest ISO that I encountered this bug, so I can confirm that this bug is from Creator's Update. I had reinstalled Windows and had to change the clock EVERYTIME before, but like I said, this bug happened to me just yesterday after clean installing Windows using the latest ISO.

    PS: Kari, what you said about user "disabling everything and not following instruction" seems like an idiotic statement. Why would Microsoft give you an option to disable stuff and customize your installation if using it will break Windows?

    Sorry for my english, it's not my native language :P
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  7.    16 Aug 2017 #17

    Also, as stated earlier, I did the same thing with "express settings" and not disabling anything, the same problem happens.

    The cause is just if you change your clock or timezone after installing. If you are online during setup, it will usually detect your location and then sync with a NTP server (USUALLY), but even then there's no guarantee it will be accurate - what about people in coffee shops or those using mobile hotspots? Where the Wi-Fi location isn't accurate? I've seen it where it can't detect my timezone, so it just defaults to GMT-8 and syncs with NTP.

    All things considered, you really don't *need* an Internet connection to install Windows, why else would they even offer ISOs? (Or the install creator which uses a USB drive, same idea). There are a myriad of reasons why you might not want to - or even if you do, what if your workplace has a firewall that prevents the default NTP from working?

    My point is that this is clearly a weird bug/glitch with the Creator's Update where the start menu freaks out if you change the time, and it wasn't like that in earlier builds. I'm willing to overlook this as just a bug/glitch, surely it wasn't intentional, but trying to claim it's "not actually a problem" and somehow insinuating that I'm doing something wrong is unnecessary.
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  8.    17 Aug 2017 #18

    Spot on.
    How can changing the clock be forbidden?
    How can that be the user's fault?
    And how does "it didn't happen to me" imply that "it's the user's fault"?
    Bugs are bugs. Let's not defend them.
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