I have Windows 10 Ver. 1703 update KB4020102. It seems like the computer is shutting down the screen after about an hour of no activity. I checked my power settings (a custom one) and the setting is to never shut down the display. (When I went to look at those settings I found they have completely redone that entire section of dealing with power options. Even though they show the setting of 'never' for shutting down the display there is still an option in settings for 'hibernate' and when I check that setting it said it was allowed. I changed that setting. )

So after checking my settings and finding they are correct at "never", why is my display continuing to shut down. What else can control my display? Can a screen saver or theme write their own rules since they obviously access the display controls. If so that would be a poorly written app it seems to me.

Any ideas?
Thanks, Larry