Windows 10: Broken search result links

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  1.    22 May 2017 #1

    Broken search result links

    Hey guys, first time poster here, I have a weird issues right now. So recently I reinstalled both GOG galaxy and

    Gwent to a different drive on my pc and since then I have this issue Before I could

    type Gwent or gog in start menu and they would show up I could click on it or press enter and it would launch the

    applications but now they both show up but I can't do anything with them they are broken, clicking or pressing

    enter does nothing, no context menus appear. I uninstalled them normally.

    I tried to reinstall them at the exact same place they were originally installed but they are still broken and doesn't work. I have no idea what to do.
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  2.    22 May 2017 #2

    First, do you have System Restore points you can use? (System Restore has been in Windows since XP).
    If so, restore your PC to before you installed them, as this was recent, you say.

    If not, this will be messier. Start by fully uninstalling them.

    Download and install a program called Geek uninstaller (free, easy to find).

    Run this- you will see a list of installed programs. Check these are shown.
    If they are, right click on 1, and click uninstall.
    Wait for the normal uninstall sequence to progress - if it does. (If things are messed up, a program may not uninstall normally).
    Wait for Geek U. to perform a scan for remaining items. Choose carefully to approve their deletion.

    Repeat for the other program.

    Now wait a few minutes with your PC idle for search indexing to hopefully update.

    Now try a search for these in the search field.

    If they are still found, you may need to check to see if search indexing is working, or rebuild the search index.
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  3.    22 May 2017 #3

    Thanks for your reply!

    Unforunately I have system restore disabled.

    The thing I have tried to far is to remove every registry that contained Gwent in the name. Tried rebuilding the indexing. removing the search history.

    edit:sorry forgot to add I ran geekU and both App dont show up :/
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  4.    22 May 2017 #4

    Ok so you'll need to try this to check if you have anything related to them.

    Using 3rd party uninstallers is far safer than scanning the registry.

    Download Revo uninstaller (free) and Locate32 (free). Now Revo won't list these programs 'cos
    a. They may not be 'installed'
    b. You've hacked the registry- which will most probably make Revo ineffective. However..

    But it can be pointed at an exe belonging to the program and then do a scan.
    You will use Locate 32 to find any folders related to the programs.

    Note: to give you a second chance when things go wrong- or your disk fails- or you're infected with Ransomware - we strongly recommend using disk imaging (e.g. Macrium Reflect (free) + external storage.

    With a disk image set, you could have restored an image and have your PC working as it was when you created the image- quite quickly, without technical help. Great tool! All regular contributors here use this or similar,

    So this is what I'd do if I were in this mess.

    1. Run Locate 32, and tell it to create an index. Wait for that.
    Now type Gwent in the search box and see if it finds anything.
    See if there are any exe files in the found folders (if any).

    2. Run Revo Uninstaller.
    Use the Forced Uninstall button
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Snap 2017-05-22 at 15.20.30.jpg 
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    and browse to your exe.

    Run Revo to remove what it can.

    Repeat for any other remaining exe files.

    2. Repeat the above for the other program.

    3. Check these start menu folders for any occurrence of the two programs
    C:\Users\<your id here>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu
    C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu
    and remove any related shortcuts

    4. Rebuild your search index
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  5.    23 May 2017 #5

    My problem has now expanded to every search result I type I can't launch them via the search bar lol. :/ I have no clue what to do except clean install windows 10
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  6.    23 May 2017 #6

    You should probably try a repair install first, and only go with clean install if it doesn't clean up your current situation. This is nicely documented in a tutorial: Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade Windows 10 Installation Upgrade Tutorials .
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  7.    23 May 2017 #7

    Hi, can you search for files if you use file explorer?

    I.e. is only a search using Cortana as the front end affected?

    If you create and log in as a new user for test purposes, does a Cortana search work then?

    If so, an in-place repair install is unlikely to help.
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  8.    23 May 2017 #8

    everything is broken it looks like
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  9.    23 May 2017 #9

    Good point, Dalchina. Hadn't considered those wrinkles. Sometimes, wiping the drive clean and starting over fresh is the only way to solve difficult issues (in a reasonable amount of time, anyway).
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  10.    23 May 2017 #10

    Then you'll need to clean install on that basis- nothing else I can suggest.
    Unless you have any form of disk image or recovery image you've previously created (we strongly and repeatedly recommend routine disk imaging to protect you from disk failures, unbootable PCs, ransomware, unfixable problems- and oh yes, the user (!) )
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