Windows 10: HP Pavilion black screen and flashing cursor on boot

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    HP Pavilion black screen and flashing cursor on boot


    I have a HP pavilion that presents a black screen with flashing cursor top left from boot just after seeing to bios screen, My guess would be a failed update has caused a problem, The PC belongs to a relative who is worried sick about loosing all her photos (we have had the back up conversation many times) , The O/S is passworded and I do have it, but that gives me no option to install the drive in another pc and pull the info off that way, The cyberlink recovery software won't left me back up any files to disk or external drive and just gives an error code, There is no option to get the pc to start in safe mode, My only option seems to be command prompt on the install disk, I can see from notepad that everything on the disk seems to be OK, I have tried the bootrec commands with no luck, The net user doesn't show any names? , tried to enable safe mode but think the password or no elevated privileges is a problem
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    Hi keyth. Welcome to the TenForums @keyth

    I'm not following the comment the OS is password protected. Is this a sign on password or is your family member using Bitlocker and they encrypted files. If it is a simple sign on password then you can copy the files. You may have to take ownership, for which there is a tutorial.

    You might try NavyLCDR suggestion to use Kyhi's recovery tools.

    Windows Boot issues

    Failing this you have a couple of options from my perspective. Get a free copy of Ubuntu, and boot from it. (Free Linux) Do not install to your hard drive, just "test drive" it. Use its file explorer to copy user files off to a USB or external drive.

    You could also use a command like robocopy from the command prompt to copy files. You need to be able to locate the user files within command prompt which it sounds like you already did. If you want to go this route post back rather than figuring out how to use robocopy.

    My last suggestion, depending on the model of the laptop the you may also be able to remove it and install it in an enclosure to copy the files to your machine. This is where you may need to take ownership.

    Of course none of the above will work if the files are encrypted.

    There are other members which are far more familiar with manipulating the boot records and you may want to wait for their input.

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    Many HP computers have bios UEFI diagnostics.
    Repetitively click the F10 key on boot and then navigate the menu to system diagnostics or UEFI diagnostics.
    Run the diagnostic test in extensive mode or loop until failure mode overnight.
    Report in the thread which hardware diagnostic steps you were able to run and the results.
    This may allow us to rule in/out hardware problems.

    In case you do not have HP diagnostics create a bootable UEFI diagnostics flash drive:

    HP PC Hardware Diagnostics | HP® Official Site

    Are the files backed up?

    To boot to windows troubleshooting options please find another working computer.
    Using a flash drive create a bootable windows 10 iso:

    Download Windows 10

    For HP computers use the F9 key to boot to the windows 10 iso.

    Once you have the bootable windows 10 iso you should be able to boot to the windows troubleshooting menu providing more options to repair operating system/registry problems.
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    Thank you for the replies, I should of stated that the it is a desktop pc which originally came installed with windows 7 but has been running 10 fine prior to the problem, The UEFI diagnostics were run and had no reported problems, I have already tried the troubleshooting menu on the windows 10 iso, The startup repair said it couldn't fix anything and I couldn't get the command prompt to allow the pc to boot into safe mode, Is there anyway to get the cmd on the iso disk to run as administrator? , the hard drive has been placed in another pc but I get the access denied message, Is there anyway to take ownership of the files while the drive is installed in another pc? , as far as I know the files are not encrypted, they just had a password on windows log on screen which I have or do i use Kyhi's recovery tools
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    I'd power down. Ground yourself, open case and remove bios battery. Then press/hold power button for 1 minute. Replace battery and attempt to boot.
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    The windows 10 advanced troubleshooting options has startup options as a choice when using the menu on the computer. However when using the windows 10 iso there is no option in the menu for startup options. There is startup repair but no startup options. The startup options is where safe mode with command prompt or safe mode with networking is located.

    Prior versions of Windows had the option to click the F8 key to get to safe mode. That option is no longer available in windows 10.

    When you booted with the windows 10 iso you should be able to get to command prompt: Administrator:X:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe

    You should be able to run: Sfc /scannow
    Whereas the DISM commands are unavailable when in Windows PE environment
    The shutdown commands don't work either.

    Please post the results of the scannow.

    Then to get to safe mode with command prompt or networking perform the following steps:

    Type: Bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

    Then type exit

    Then click on the windows advanced troubleshooting menu to shutdown.

    Power on and repetitively click the space bar.

    This should boot to a menu where you can choose either safe mode with command prompt or safe mode with networking.

    There are other options to attempt to repair the operating system:
    Reset save files
    In place upgrade

    And two other options that are sometimes helpful are:
    Hard drive enclosure with USB connection or placing the primary drive into the secondary bay of another computer
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    Hi keyth.

    It appears from your last post you have move the HDD to another computer. You asked is there a way to take ownership.

    Here is that tutorial.

    Change Owner of File, Folder, Drive, or Registry Key in Windows 10

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    Thank you for the advice I installed the hard drive in another pc and tried to use the take ownership option but the drive kept locking up, In the end I used the recovery tools rescue disk, installed it on a usb stick as the disk option wouldn't work ( I assume it's an UEFI problem) , I used the AOMIE backupper to pull the required folders from the hard drive, Wasn't worried about trying to repair the windows 10 install after I got what I wanted as preferred to reformat and do a fresh install instead so the pc is now up and running, I notice that HP don't offer any windows 10 drivers for this particular model so I do wonder if another problem like this could arise in the near future
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    I'm glad you got the data that is what is important.

    Wouldn't be to concerned about not having Windows 10 drivers, a very large share of the older devices do not have specific drivers for Windows 10. For the majority the drivers loaded by Windows 10 work very well. I do have an issue with the constant driver updates, like promoting someone constantly until they can't do the job.

    I would concentrate on the HDD. No reason that it should lock up in another PC. My bet is it is done and I would not reuse for any purpose other than scratch, even that is suspect.

    There are tools out there to confirm.

    HDTune to

    check the health,
    scan for errors, no quick scan but full scan
    run a benchmark.

    Disks are cheap compared to your time. Depending on amount of storage required a nice 250GB SSD will bring new life to the device.

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