I got the Creators update for my Win 10 home edition laptop yesterday.

Here's what I have noticed so far (In case anyone is interested.) ....

I use the Windows 10 Mail application.
I see now, that the icon on my start menu screen reflects the number of unread emails.
That's pretty nice.

As a basic home user of Windows 10, I won't be using the 3D stuff, gaming or enhancements to the Edge browser. (I'm a chrome user.)

Has anyone noticed any other basic enhancements? (I didn't read anywhere about the Mail icon enhancement.)

Or things that used to need fixing, actually being fixed after this upgrade has completed ?
IE: The ability to index a home network drive or Calendar's inability (or refusal) to show scheduled events further out than 6 months.
That sort of thing.

The upgrade itself ran flawlessly for me.
I hope the same is true for all of you as well.

Since the upgrade completed, I've tested pretty much everything I run on a regular basis.
And except for the following (I consider them minor) things, MS seems to have done a good job (in my opinion) making this upgrade work.

The ability to select to launch a "command prompt" from the start button disappeared.
I needed to go into the taskbar settings and change it back.
I guess I should have expect that.

I needed to install C++ 2015, (for some reason) after the update was completed.
Otherwise one of my HP apps (I have an HP laptop) that runs at startup, would not work.
It worked before the upgrade.
Anyway ....

Malwarebytes 3.2 Premium stopped working.
I could no longer perform a scan of my drives nor could I enable Web protection.
(I needed to uninstall it, reinstall it and then re-register it.)
So far, it seems to be working.
I wonder if the new Defender app had something to do with that.
Oh well.
It was a way easy thing to fix.

Thanks for any replies.
I'm simply trying to learn what others may have experienced.