desktop icons won't stay in place Solved

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    desktop icons won't stay in place

    It's not the end of the world, but since a recent Windows update my desktop icons won't stay where I put them.

    In addition, after my computer boots up and everything is loaded, desktop icons do not appear on their own. I have to right click/view/show desktop icons.

    These are just nuisance things, but if anyone knows how I can fix, please advise.
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    Please see this 20 page thread.
    Desktop icons keep rearranging - Windows 10 Forums

    3rd party utilities are mentioned, for example.
    Some people experience this, others don't- it's not just Win 10 either.

    Hope you find sthg useful there.
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    Didn't find much there except for IconRestorer, but I want to thank you for responding.
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    Scanning thru that for you:
    Iconoid works really well in my W10 64 bit. it's much tidier than windows attempts anyway. You can export the settings in case you think they might be lost. They do a 64 bit version too.
    Try a small program 'Desktop OK' -

    DesktopOK 4.16 Save and restore the desktop icon positions.

    It will put an icon on your desktop - i believe an .ini file - right click on it, properties, click on 'hidden' at bottom and icon will be unseen.

    Always worked for me - even with Win 10.
    DesktopOK only fixes the icon arrangements in the desktop, but the main problem is with the Folder View Settings which is not covered by using this program as a workaround.
    Check out ShellFolderFix
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    If I install one of the programs listed above will my desktop icons come back. I've had to right click/view/show desktop icons since that last Windows 10 update, but came back to my computer today after being off for a while and the icons are all gone and the show desktop icons is already selected. I tried un-selecting and re-selecting but it didn't work.

    ----- I just restarted and they came back but this is getting old.

    ----- Me again. I downloaded IconRestorer and installed it and there was no icon on the desktop for it after installation. I looked in Program Files and couldn't find anything there either. Where in the heck does it install to?

    ----- And again ... It is solved.
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    Good- but it is an odd reflection on Windows that some people still have this problem occurring, when it's been a recurrent one for years, and unfortunate a fix like this is needed.

    And sometimes 3rd party tools do offer useful solutions- or better than MS's own. (Esp. the start menu!!! )

    If solved, please mark it as solved (green button at the top if I recall).
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    Just wanted to come back here and thank you for the tip on IconRestorer. It's so simple and at least I don't have to rearrange all my icons all the time, since this now seems to be a constant problem. This little program is a great aid for getting things back to where they belong.
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