PC info: ASUS X555LN Notebook
OS: Windows 10 (Build: 14393.0)

i use my pc for long period of time (~10 hrs a day). don't remember ever faced this HUGE RAM CONSUMPTION issue for over 1.5 year.

now, my ram consumption gradually increases over time. with no programs running foreground, ram is 60-70%. shutting down or signing out doesnt play any effect. only after a restart, ram shows 15-20%, and then it gradually increases.

comparing with others pc, i found that "paged pool" memory is increasing over time but never decreases or stay constant.
reinstalled windows 10 (rs2 & rs1) a few times, updated all drivers, still no success.
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(the screenshot says 840mb paged pool, as i captured it after a few moment after restart.
it gradually increases up to 4.5GB or more and total ram shows about 65% )