Funny, ha ... if mod or admin wants to move to chillout - ok.


After finding tablet mode, and using 10240,
this is the first night in more than 3 years that I would use an OS other than 8 / or server.

Tablet Mode works even better than immersive 8 in that the user is ALWAYS returned
to the start screen. In 8, sometimes closing something takes you to the desktop,
sometimes to the start screen.

In 10, even closing an explorer shell folder (in tablet mode) takes one to the start screen,
which, BTW, is awesome !

The taskbar in tablet mode has the awesome feature (option) of NOT showing
running programs unless you want to see them. The Task View feature is really cool!
I understand the Task Window Switcher Alt + Tab has been around for years.

The taskbar also has the option to stay dark while the start screen tiles
can change color according to wallpaper.

Since most are excited about the NEW desktop OS,
I am in awe of the improved metro world, ha, yeah. It's true.