Hi, I need some help, on a related topic. I got a HP Pavilion with a 128GB SSD and a 1TB HD. Long story short, I tried to put my files on the HDD while keeping the programs on the SSD. tried transferring the libraries to the HDD (D drive) but made a complete hash of it. Basically, it seems that my Pictures, Documents and Desktop ARE my D drive. Don't laugh...

I tried to reverse the whole mess by extracting the documents, pictures, music from my D drive in order to put the files back into my C drive. like Jorge, I am getting the "failed to build list of regular subdirectories under D:\System Volume Information, access is denied error." message. I suspect that basically there is a circular loop somewhere that is preventing the switch.

Having all of my data safe, I wanted to reset Windows to original settings, but I have run out of room in my C Drive, despite having cleared as many files, programs etc, and having done numerous Disk cleanups. Storage usage indicates that 58 GB are "other" files

So, I cannot go forward by recreating the libraries in C drive and migrating them properly to D drive before populating again with documents, files, music, pictures etc...
And I cannot go back to factory settings because something has eaten up all of my SSD drive and I just don't have enough room to do so.

any ideas???