Hi guys, i really need help in here, so that's the thing: i updated to windows 10 creators update manually and i saw that the computer was underperforming then i booted the computer and re-installed the windows 10 from the ground without any saves or anything, it came with the Creators Update installed already and compilation .250!

The computer still lags and have performance issues, in games like League of Legends that isnt supposed to need that much of a graphic card i can't even get 144fps stable like i did before this update. The same goes for every game, i feel lag and fps drop almost everywhere.. Even using Chrome or opening windows apps the computer feels so slow and laggy! I can't get rid of it

My Specs in case it's needed:

CPU: Intel i5 4690
MB: Asus H97 PLUS
SSD: 250GB
PSU: XFX 80W Gold