windows 10: how do i display mp3 file duration in file explorer?

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    philc43 said:
    All the music file details such as length and bit rate show up in my standard W10 file explorer for my mp3 files.

    I am wondering if it depends upon the folder type that the files reside in. Could you move your mp3 file to the W10 Music folder and see if it causes the details to show up.
    well, the standard 'music' folder didn't have the 'length' column at all! i had to add it manually!...

    hmmm maybe it's a win 10n edition problem?...
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    Oh.. I did say I used more than one utility. Actually I think the one that gives those details in properties is Icaros.

    When I deactivate that I get what you see:
    windows 10: how do i display mp3 file duration in file explorer?-snap-2017-05-03-19.55.36.jpg
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    Look at the owner in your second screenshot. The long number starting S-1-5-21... indicates the owner is an unknown account to Windows 10 (it is in fact an account on your other PC). Ownership and permissions may be preventing your Windows 10 PC reading the full details. On the W10 PC, try taking a copy of this file and see if you can read more details in the copy (taking ownership, if necessary)
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    dalchina said:
    Try its File Association Manager in the start menu.
    Attachment 133330
    (My mp3's are not in the default folder).
    i've just pasted it above!...

    eh, what do you mean it by 'not in the default folder'?
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    drnda42 said:
    well, i'm lucky that i have hands on on two twin- pcs! (so my migration towards win10 is gradual... )

    my i7 still runs win7 and shows: Attachment 133310

    whereas the other one (amd a8 btw) already serves as an experiment rabbit and runs win 10! and it shows for the same file:
    Attachment 133313

    maybe i should switch on certain system feature?
    or... hm... just occurred to me... ... does windows read such data or computes them?

    anyway, thanx dalchina to you too, will try this program! does it help somehow windows?
    bye, dras
    I will help you first because the problem with detail showing "not much" is easy let me direct your attention to your picture showing details in Windows 10.

    Its not showing details because you ripped out the HD or what ever bottom line "YOU NEED TO TAKE OWNERSHIP OF THE FILE m8, when you installed Windows 10 and then using the HD from Windows 7, your not the owner so details get FUBAR and as long as your not the owner no details/tags will EVER BE WRITTEN to the files, so my advise and it SUX if the HD is staying with your Windows 10

    open Explorer
    1 "right click the HD with your messed up files"
    2 goto security, add your self to the users permitted to nm "add your name click check name, click okay, tick full control, click OK,
    VERY IMPORTANT if any errors pop when you click OK DO NOT select cancel just click OK
    3. Still in security select advanced, at the top you will see current owner which is FUBAR, click change,
    4 HOLD ON NOW you have some options
    You can change owner to your Account, or Administrators, or SYSTEM, your choice,
    And if you break something, you keep the pieces
    and depending on the amount of files this will take awhile.

    Okay now @dalchina
    The reason you can't edit garbage is because "my guess" mp3 file is tagged with 2.4
    Windows 10 does not support 2.4 BUT
    you could change that
    Is Windows 10's File Explorer able to read ID3 v2.4 tags on MP3s? - Solved - Windows 10 Forums

    EVERYTHING is on your heads you break anything, well better luck next time
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    Win 10 Pro (1903) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    The reason you can't edit garbage
    @kimkl - you should be banned for using language like that.
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    Windows 10 pro on both

    dalchina said:
    @kimkl - you should be banned for using language like that.
    You should def not drink so much m8 it makes you mean and you type rubbish,
    I apologize for being tired, and typing to fast should have been -->this>---, seems the s and t switched places missed that one m8.
    ohh btw i also am really sorry for helping you out with your tag problem is see my mistake, trust me i will not make that mistake with you again
    Thank you
    Drinking to much is bad and can cause health issues
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    ok folks, thanks for good vibes and brainstorming - i've set the ownership to my account! yet - no effect!!! :-{
    mediainfo sees all details, explorer only some!... (length+bitrate still excluded...)
    i'll try that icarus thing...
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    yess!... ;-}
    icaros solved it! i don't figure how (yet), but the main thing - it works! tnx, @dalchina!... (tnx also to all others for offering help, much appreciated!)
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