recently I have encountered the dreaded BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED \SystemRoot\System32\drivers\dxgkrnl.sys error.
And for many what that does is cause a extremely slow boot speed or a black screen or freeze on lock screen.

after hours of googling I find ton of posts that all end without a resolution and mostly in re installs. But after 16 hours i have found a "Fix" or at least a work around to the issue.
according the the boot-log the driver is still not loading but I'm no longer effected by the slow boot speed or black screens that come along with it.
Oddly enough for me the issue was not existent in safe mode unlike others.
so first if you can boot to safe mode and try the following.

In my case what I did was run msconfig (win+R) and went to services and disabled windows error reporting service.
after hours of enabling services in groups of 5 for me it was this service was my issue, It could be something else for someone else. (if so please tell me what it was for you)
If you still get the issue in safe mode then which services are enabled in safe mode and try to disable one of those. (do keep in mind that it might not be possible to disable every single service as some are Microsoft locked)