The monitor I got is a Dell S2250T 21.5 inch (27 inch model was WAY too much to pay for an extra 5.5 inches) today and got it hooked up and on Windows 10 obviously.

I should have done this a LONG time ago.

The monitor is nice and crisp, and all for one thing it doesn't meet, the palm block technology which no one other than Wacom have, and adjusts much like the Surface Pro 3's kickstand. I wish it tilted down further but oh well. It's quite nice to use with touch, if my desk was about a few inches more it would be perfect for a standing desk set up.

But I'm posting this because I noticed an interesting thing with Windows 10 with its Continuum feature. It doesn't go tablet mode or full mouse only mode, it's in between. When I hooked it in, the notification tray spaced out like it does in tablet mode, context menus are larger (except Start X), and File Explorer seems like it has fuzzier touch targets but that's already been a thing. It's pretty awesome, there's no need to up the DPI as everything is just perfect to use with touch or mouse no problem. Very well done!

To the naysayers that say touch on a desktop is excrement to use, falsehoods! It's perfectly fine to use, the monitor cannot be perpendicular to your desktop because touch ergonomics are going to be different than mouse ergonomics. I like using it standing up, because standing is better than sitting. And as for the concerns of smudging of the screen, after a day's use it's not very noticeable. My phone gets more smudged up than this; and even then, you're not going to see it when the screen is on.

If it had a pen like the Surface Pro 3 and digitizer technology like it as well, it would definitely be perfect in every regard. But, compromises have to happen. That isn't to say it wasn't a worthwhile investment, I should have done this a long time ago.

Love it!