Windows 10: Mouse cursor has randomly enlarged and has lines going through it

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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit
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       15 Jul 2015 #11

    I don't think this is related to Nvidia, this seems to be something related to Windows. I've just downgraded my driver back to 353.30 and the problem is still present, infact even worse - I've got a trail of artifacts surrounding my cursor now.

    Edit:: I did downgrade my driver, but it appears to I'm forced me back onto 353.50

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  2.    15 Jul 2015 #12

    I've never had that issue with any build of Win10 to date. Must be a driver issue not Windows.,
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit
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       15 Jul 2015 #13

    This is silly how Windows has forced a Nvidia driver update and we now have no way to remove it. Nvidia updates should be a seperate update as they were in Windows 8.1.
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  4.    15 Jul 2015 #14

    oseph said: View Post
    This is silly how Windows has forced a Nvidia driver update and we now have no way to remove it. Nvidia updates should be a seperate update as they were in Windows 8.1.
    Check through the forums.. there are ways to keep this from occurring.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit
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       15 Jul 2015 #15

    The only solution I have discovered for the time being is to uninstall each graphics card via device manager, so that the system uses Intel's onboard graphics - No gaming for now, but least I can use my system again.
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    Windows 10 10166 64 Bit
       15 Jul 2015 #16

    Same problem here. Build 10166. Started about an hour ago at the same time that I had to reboot because 2 of my monitors weren't responding. Hugely annoying. Can't use the default graphics driver, because it destroys my triple monitor setup, and makes using the PC nearly impossible. Oddly enough, I do not have a driver update that's installed today. I am on v353 though.
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    Windows 10 10166 64 Bit
       15 Jul 2015 #17

    I re-downloaded the driver package from NVidia. Selected custom, and did a clean install of the entire package. Seems to have cleared the issue up. At least through 2 restarts so far.
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    Windows 10 Insider Preview 10162
       15 Jul 2015 #18

    I have the same issue with the cursor; additionally the second monitor is all laggy and doesn't seem like it has a card driver at all, if that makes any sense.

    I am now installing the Nvidia Driver to see if that indeed solves the issue.

    Running Win 10 Insider Preview Build 10162; Nvidia driver (353.50)

    Edit: Easier method: Go to the device manager and just select rollback driver. It restored it to the previous driver and all is well again.
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  9.    15 Jul 2015 #19

    This is creapy! I'm running build 10166 and I too have this problem! First I thought it randomly appeared like an application changed the cursor. While using Visual Studio I had a hard time selecting lines, the arrow cursor was normal, but the text cursor was large. I restarted my computer and now all cursors are large and ugly!

    Just like many of you, I had problems with my secondary monitor! Before making dinner everything worked as it should, when I got back, only my primary monitor worked, now both my monitors are old, so I tried to reconnect the secondary monitor but it still wasn't discovered...

    Switching my two monitors put the main desktop on my secondary monitor, but Windows didn't resize the desktop to fit the monitor (primary monitor is 1920 x 1200, secondary is 1280 x 1024)...
    Rebooting fixed my monitor and I continued to work and watch Netflix... I do not believe the cursor problem started instantly after the reset...

    Now as I said earlier it felt hard selecting lines in Visual Studio and when I switched to Dreamweaver I noticed this ugly dubble sized cursor. A restart only caused all cursors to fail!

    Known facts:
    After restart at the login screen, the arrow cursor is fine, but the text cursor when entering my password is wrong! After login, all cursors are wrong...

    Removing my graphics drivers fixes the issue, but leaves me unable to game and run 3D heavy applications...

    Enabling pointer shadow (Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Mouse -> Pointers), fixes, from what I've seen, all but the text select cursor! Pointer trails fixes all cursors, but looks horrible, even when set to fast!

    I remember these fixes from when an ATI driver was messed up, so I do believe this is caused by some sort of graphics driver failure, don't know if Nvidia only, or if AMD is affected too?

    Well, time to roll back drivers, hopefully this is fixed soon! And for those who say automatic driver update is bad, well, yes if the diver has problems like this! But generally speaking, when a driver is known to fix and not cause problems, auto-update would be fine for normal users. It should however be easy to disable, or rather, they should make it possible to easily select what should and shouldn't be updated automatically form some sort of list!
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    Windows 10 Build 10130 64bit
       15 Jul 2015 #20

    Nvidia has admitted it is a problem with their driver and are working on a fix for it as we speak.
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