Startup loop after update (with details)

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    Startup loop after update (with details)

    I've been at this for 24 hours now, and I've tried all of the solutions I know and could find.

    The other night my computer did an automatic update before I went to bed, when I woke up in the morning I found it on the troubleshooting screen that comes up after the second reboot after failing to boot Windows.

    When this first began, I would start my computer, it would go to the ASUS splash screen with the circle going around and stay like that (I've tried letting go on like that for hours with no change). Then I restart and the ASUS splash comes up saying "Automatic repair", or something along those lines (it has all sort of blurred together at this point). Then I would get a black screen with a cursor for a little while before it went into the diagnostic screen. (The details for what I tried in the diagnostic are below)

    However now due to a failed Reset this PC attempt, during which my computer froze and automatically restarted at 80%. I am unable to access the normal diagnostic menu now, and the only one I can access is through my Windows 10 DVD. If I attempt to just let it boot normally the splash comes up for maybe a minute, then my computer restarts and it repeats that until the second coming of Christ.

    The frustrating thing is, right after the Reset this PC attempt crashed I remembered what I had to do last time to fix this problem. Which was unhooking my other hard drive, after doing that it booted normally and I plugged it back in and it was fine. But now with the problem that has been caused by the failed attempt to Reset the OS, the problem I'm having now isn't the same as the problem I had before. However it is also possible unhooking the hard drive and it booting normally again was unrelated too.

    That's a summery, the details of what I have tried so far are below. I have tried to keep a list of what I've tried and the results best I could if I needed to resort to asking for help.

    I have taken note of what I have done so far...

    First, I am unable to get into safemode. When I go into the startup settings in the troubleshooting menu and press restart, my screen freezes and I'm forces to press the button to reset. Which just results in it attempting to boot normally. I was able to get it into safemode once.

    When I managed to get in to safemode that one time I attempted to go into the Update and Security settings to revert the update, but the window would just close upon opening it. When I went into the Uninstall apps menu and looked under Updates nothing shows up. I rebooted (because I had this problem before once and it worked fine after a successful boot into safemode) but no such luck this time and I haven't been able to get back to safemode since (this was 12 hours ago).

    I also did a virus scan while I was in safemode and it came up clean.

    Working down the list of other options from the troubleshooting screen...

    Failure to revert

    STARTUP REPAIR (done both through the drive and from booting off a Windows 10 DVD):
    Startup repair could not repair your PC

    To use system restore you must specify which Windows install to restore.

    Well, I don't have one, so the problem with this is obvious.

    Drive is locked

    This process began, but then my computer crashed and automatically restarted while it was at 80%. Since this I have been unable to access the normal troubleshooting menu, I can only get to it via my Windows 10 DVD. So this is something that has complicated matters extremely and is my most pressing issue at the moment. As I can't even attempt to boot into safemode anymore because booting from the DVD does not give me the option.

    Says everything is normal

    Tells me it cannot complete because a startup repair is pending on a restart. I have restarted and tried again many times now.

    Windows cannot find a system image on this computer.

    I have also tried testing the ram by taking them out one by one, and I have removed the motherboard battery and put it back in.

    At this point I've attempted to just do a clean reinstall of Windows from the DVD, but it won't even let me. I'm at a loss here guys, I have tried absolutely everything I could find and know within reason and things have only become worse. Frankly I don't even care if a reinstall deletes everything at this point, all my personal and important files are kept on separate drives from the boot operating system drive anyways.

    A summery of my situation as it is right now:

    The only thing I can access now is the troubleshooting menu when booting from my DVD. Not even restarting twice can get me to the normal troubleshooting menu anymore, and at this point the problems and symptoms are beginning to get so specific just doing a Google search is no longer of any help. Sorry if I'm not making sense in places, I'm starting to go a little crazy after doing this for 24 hours.
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    Hi, don't know why you can't clean install- even if you can't start that for some reason, you could boot from a suitable partition manager boot medium or the disk below, wipe your disk (you could first save any unsaved data), and then start from scratch.

    Try this:
    Download and boot from Kyhi's boot DVD /flash drive at the start of the Software and Apps section here. There you can see a list of programs that are available when you boot from it into a version of Win 10.

    Using that, and running Macrium, you will find a boot repair tool as part of Macrium - you could try that.

    Also run HDTune on that disk and check your installed disk is ok.
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