I first noticed this in Chrome, thinking it was an issue with Chrome 57 (I couldn't attach files to emails because when I clicked to choose my file, Chrome would just crash).

I've since noticed that it is a Windows issue after I tried to save a Photoshop image that I had spent a bit of time on, only to see Photoshop crash. From there I tried Word and Paint, both of which crash when I try to save.

This issue only seems to have started occurring when the Windows 10 Creator Update was installed the other day.

I have had the Event Viewer open when I make one of the applications crash, but I don't seem to be able to see an entry for the crash (to be honest, I don't really know how to use the Event Viewer, further than opening it and refreshing to hopefully notice a big red Error entry)

Weirdly, I'm able to save files through Firefox, so for whatever reason, the system file dialog doesn't make Firefox crash (Version 52.0.2).

I have been doing some Googling, and people suggested that disabling Network Discovery can help - It didn't in my instance.

Is anyone able to help with what I should debug next?