BarryAllen said:
Thanks for the help. This is a computer that is using a copy of an image used on a computer for a project used in another country.
It's a long story, but it was set up by another team on the location of the actual live computer by an outside company. We are tasked with supporting it though.

We are trying to work backwards and figure out how to fix the issue.
We will try the suggestions here and I will update this thread if anything works.
Not much you can do if it is a install of Windows 10 that major changes may have been done to the registry and GPO. All that you can really do is work with the project manager in the other country to figure out what they have messed with and if they are using any type of VPN or Proxy, that is going to cause other headaches.

A version of Windows for another country is going to be setup by Microsoft to connect to the servers that they have for that country when the version of windows that you are using is trying to connect to those servers. If they cannot find a way to them from here in the U.S., you are stuck where you are at this point.