Screen calibration resetting after Creators Update

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    Windows 10 Pro

    Same here. It was all working fine until I installed the Creators Update. After that, color profiles got horrendously broken, can't look at my screen for long because of that (there's a very specific reason why I'm not just adjusting settings in the monitor itself). It's more than likely an OS issue, I got an AMD GPU.
    Hopefully someone finds a solution :)
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    Same issues here! Well not getting brighter but overall issues with calibration and icc since the update.

    I use a colormunki to calibrate my monitors. I did a clean install of the creators update so no icc profiles carried over. Resetting the monitors to default before I ever attempted to calibrate I noticed things didn't look right. While the monitors supposedly reset it did not appear so. I know what 100% brightness looks like on my monitors and they both did not look like they reset. Night light and game mode are off. Using windows native drivers or the drivers for my monitors made no difference.

    Trying to actually calibrate makes it even worse. I'm using a nvidia graphics card but it appears that AMD folks are having issues as well.

    Forgot to mention. I saved my icc profiles from my previous calibration (before the update when it worked). Loading them does not seem to work either! It says they are loaded but the monitors do not look like they should.
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    Windows 10 Home x64

    I am in NO way attempting to belittle Microsoft at all when I say this.. but this has also been a consistent problem for me because I am in NO way able to maintain my current color calibration settings no matter what I do. this error has persisted since even before I had installed the creators update.. and It has actually made my issues worse while using the "Creators" update as I was actually able to play games using my color calibration settings "Before" I had installed the Creators update. but now, I cannot even play ANY game with my color calibration settings as it will not allow me to even set them while in-game without using "Windowed Borderless Gaming" for some odd reason.

    Now.. before anyone asks, yes.. I am using Driver Booster to keep all of my things updated on my PC. and.. I have also disabled Night Light and the "Game" bar. but still.. no dice.

    I REALLY hope that Microsoft notices this issue and would at least try and do something to fix it ASAP. but if not, that is all OK. I just REALLY want to be able to play my games with good gamma color again. so please, if you are reading this, Microsoft.. Please help out with this issue.
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    Windows 10 Home x64

    I feel your pain. I hope Creators Fall Update to be better. IMHO Anniversary Update was better than current CU.
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    Windows 10TP

    CU has a known issue where it keeps forgetting your colour profiles. I've been using Color Sustainer to force it to apply profiles on logon - And it also has a "keep active" feature where it'll poll the OS every so often and make sure it's still using it. Might help you keep the profile once games boot up.
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    Windows 10

    I accidentally found a very simple solution: just go to COLOR MANAGEMENT. Just unclick the hook at USE MY SETTINGS FOR THIS DEVICE, then click it again. For me, this automatically added the "sRGB display profile with display hardware configuration data derived from calibration" to the list of ICC Profiles.

    Then set your preferred ICC Profile as the Default Profile. And when you restart the computer, it will remain the default.

    It worked for me. Hope it works for you, too.
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    Windows 10TP

    Doesn't work here. Windows still loads default profile on reboot.
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    Windows 10 Creators Update

    I had the same symptoms as described here and have solved it.

    The basic cause is that the upgrade process loses the previous display colour profile setting and the “Display” settings screen can't put it back. The color profile file is on the disk but it can't be put to work. I needed to use a different screen in control panel.

    The way I fixed it was using Control Panel > Display > Display Adapter properties
    Then the Color Management tab for my ATI Radeon graphics card (might be different for other cards). Then the Color Management..... button
    The screen comes up with a list of “Profiles associated with this device”. In my case the device is Display 1 as I have two monitors. I used the Add.. button to add the color profile for the device, then removed the one that Microsoft had added and made my profile the Default Profile for the device. It has survived in use after reboots.
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    In my case that does not work! See my post above. Same issue except now I've tried an AMD card. While color management shows the correct profiles loaded they are not displaying correctly.

    Like I said resetting monitors to default doesn't even work correctly. Using a monitor calibration tool doesn't even work correctly!

    So again in my case color management shows the correct profiles loaded but the display is not reflecting that. Before with my calibration tool I could easily match both my monitors. Now I can't even get one to calibrate correctly. And again even resetting to defaults isn't working as it should.
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    Windows 10

    I've got exact same issue as gordonlw! Color profile always resets to default on reset/start up and then won't even change when I select ANY profile I've added.

    The only way to load the profile I created is to open my calibration software (Lacie Blue Eye Pro -proof edition) and as soon as it's up icc profile kicks in, don't need to run new calibration or test or anything.

    Initially I though it was that softwares issue since they haven't updated the drivers since 2009!! BUT then to test I just added some of the standard icc profiles you get with Windows (in Color Management - Devices) and those didn't work or adjust monitor either.

    It's 100% a Windows issue. I even tested HDMI and DVI cables knowing that was useless lol
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