Needing help don't know if problem is with browsers or PC?

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    Windows 10 Pro

    Needing help don't know if problem is with browsers or PC?

    I have a Emachine windows 10 pro updated PC. I'm having trouble with the firefox and Google Chrome.

    Here's whats going on!

    1. When I play games on facebook on firefox it will load sometimes or just freeze the whole browser all together. But when I download something it normally works fine. Or even when I'm typing on facebook I an write like 10 simple words and it takes a few seconds for the post section or comments section to catch up. Even on this site if I speeeel it like that and then right click for spell checker it takes like 3 to 5 count just for it to pop up the right click settings.

    So I try not to use firefox for games on facebook.

    2. I have been trying google chrome for facebook games and write posts for my facebook groups and I'm still having trouble. I have noticed that sometimes things will lag like slot machine games or just basic 3 to 5 minute videos that auto play on facebook.

    3. Here's the reason why I think the problem is in my PC. I have notifications turned on and from time to time they also lag. And they lag a lot. I thought the problem was with a out dated graphics driver but don't know how to update it I looked on the site for the graphics card and used there auto checker thing and it said my card is out dated and it could not find the newest driver for it. So if someone could tell me a few tips on what to turn off to fix the lagging issues. As well as how to update the graphics drivers that would be great. Thank you.

    P.S. I have even done all the stuff to Google Chrome. I have deleted everything and reset the browser to the beginning and turned off all the downloaded stuff except for adblock and swag button. But can't get to the plug ins section. So now I'm stumped.
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    Here's what I have done so far. I have removed some stuff from add and remove program and am currently looking for some tips on how to speed up my PC online. I nee some advice on the Add and remove part though. I have the list below still on my PC but I don't have a apples device I only had it on my PC for my sister mp3 player. But she moved out so should I just delete it. All the apple stuff.
    apple application support (32-bit) 160 MB
    apple application support (64-bit) 178 MB
    apple mobile device support 41.7 MB
    itunes 310 MB

    Plus I have something called bonjour from apple I guess and its 3.28 MB. I don't even know what that is.

    Plus I also have a bunch of stuff for my printer on the PC also that I don't even think I use. All I do is print out coupons and binder things. And I have all of these on the add and remove programs section.
    Canon Easy-Webprint EX, Canon MX490 series MP Drivers, Canon Mx490 series on-screen Manual, Canon MX490 series User Registration, Canon My Image Garden 347 MB, Canon My Image Garden Design Files 347 MB, Canon My Printer 11.6 MB, Canon Quick Menu 20 MB, Canon Speed Dial Utility 15.9 MB. So can someone tell me what if anything can I get rid of.

    So please any advice. Thank you.
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    win 10

    there will be very knowledgeable people along to ask you questions, but if you have a program on your computer (apple) that you don't need anymore remove it no problems
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    I would perform a clean boot, and then start enabling things a few at a time, to identify the culprit.
    Perform a Clean Boot in Windows 10 to Troubleshoot Software Conflicts - Windows 10 Performance Maintenance Tutorials

    p.s. I would get rid of coupon printers. They are considered spyware, and can bring other things along with them.
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    Go to Settings>Apps select the program you want to remove and click uninstall.

    You can get rid of Bonjour.
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    Okay I just ran the Disk Cleanup for (c:) and it says you can use Disk Cleanup to free up to 26.2 GB of disk space.

    Files to delete:
    These are all unchecked
    Setup Log Files 335KB
    Offline Webpages 122 KB
    System Error Memory Dump File 1.02 GB
    System Archived Windows Errors Reporting 1.26 MB
    System queued Windows Errors Reporting 302 KB
    System created temporary Windows Errors 330 KB
    Delivery Optimization Files 10.0 MB
    Recycling Bin 24.4 GB I have not cleaned it out since I deleted some of my TV shows and Movies.
    Temporary Files 596 MB

    These are checked
    Downloaded Program Files 0 Bytes
    Temporary Internet Files 125 MB
    Thumbnails 47.1 MB

    I just cleaned out the recycling bin. So now I'm going to give google chrome another try for slots just to see if it still has a big lag issue. If it dose I will check back here in a little while.
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    Do you have space issues? How full is your system drive?
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

    hi,im really clueless when it comes to computers. i was told look in something called event viewer. found it and friend from I.T class said the following errors are taxing my computer. noticed the same ones where their every time would appreciate some help.
    Needing help don't know if problem is with browsers or PC?-screenshot-16-.png
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Needing help don't know if problem is with browsers or PC?-screenshot-15-.png  
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    Okay going through and removing all apple stuff and itunes as well as bonjour and coupon printer for windows. And if this dose not fix the problem I will be doing a clean boot. So to google chrome I go.

    Current specs are 219 GB free of 464 GB. For the (C:). Windows 10 Pro. And the ram is at 2.00 GB usable is (1.49 GB)

    Not to shore about anything else.
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    You'll have to fill in your computer specs completely in order for us to have a look at your graphics driver issue.
    System Specs - Fill in at Ten Forums - Windows 10 General Tips Tutorials

    As for the error in Event Viewer you posted, that has to do with permissions during backup processes. Everything I find on the web points to this thread/fix, but it's a bit complicated, (and perhaps risky), so you might want to have your tech friend have a look at it for you.

    Cryptographic Services failed while processing the - Microsoft Community
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