Brand new PC i7700K Windows 10.

Having a persistent issue I can't fix when I boot up that has never happened on my older PC or Surface Book that are both running Windows 10. I have 3 monitors. Basically only on my main monitor, when ever I open the start menu or any window, my computer, folder etc. the desktop background has this brightening and dimmimg animation that is also there when you minimize these windows. This has never happened with my old PC which was using this same 3 monitors on Windows 10.

I have compared all the settings and they are all the same. I have also unchecked animation when minimizing and maximizing windows setting but it makes no difference. This setting has nothing to do with the dimming and brightening of the desktop background when opening or minimizing windows. I have searched google and still can't find an answer.

Any ideas guys? This is really bugging the hell out of me. I jsut want this animation to go away and be like it was in my old PC. Thanks.