I discovered several issues immediately after installing the Creator's Update.
Several programs would not run (or not run properly), and these were sorted with a Revo uninstall followed by a re-install.
As a long time user of DFX Audio, I was crushed to find that it was hosed. At boot the tray icon would appear, but then vanish as soon as the Mouse pointer touched it...could not access the interface at all. I attempted uninstalling and re-installing it, but kept getting an error message that the driver name could not be set. I examined device manager and found that my Nvidia High Definition Sound driver had been replaced with another driver altogether. This was addressed by running the appropriate Graphics card driver installer. I decided to run a pre-scan using the tweaking.com all in one repair tool and found that several Reparse points were missing and that there were duplicate and many missing Environmental Variables. I ran the tool to repair these, then rebooted and suddenly the DFX interface appeared. I then ran the installer for DFX again and it ran to completion with no errors and now works fine. General performance and stability improved immediately as well. As usual, the update reset loads of settings, but time will get those sorted.