Creators update Taskbar shrinks after reboot

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    WdlsBadPuppy said:
    Happening for me too. It happens when I auto hide the taskbar. When I turn off "auto hide" I no longer have the problem. I created a new user profile to test, same problem. Microsoft had me try to install Win10 1703 upgrade again but same problem. Even happens on clean boot. Unable to roll back to Win10 1607 unfortunately.
    This has been a huge issue with Windows 10 for a very long time. Started back with Windows 7 after SP1, around the time that 10 was still a development with limited testers and then migrated into the Insider program and has not left. It has to do with the code in Explorer and I am sure a lot of that has to do with Edge being used for its code to now run Explorer. Microsoft does not make things easy, they make it harder in finding fixes to their mistakes.
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    Check in Registry what the value is under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shell\AutoHide Zero if disabled, One if enabled. As for other changes that you may not already know, which could also be a fix. You can try them from Collection of Windows 10 Hidden Secret Registry Tweaks - AskVG

    See this for the Policy and Registry Edit about StuckRects2 key being the issue that has been around since 7. More info on the various key items with Taskbar and such. [SOLVED] Taskbar autohide enable/disable? - Windows Forum - Spiceworks
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    This thread is not about auto hide not working, in fact I do not notice anyone saying that function of the task bar is not working. This thread was started about the taskbar not keeping a resized size after a reboot. Also none of those links that you posted say they are valid for the most recent update so I will not be trying them since the one listed to activate auto hide, which works fine for me, points to a registry key that is not even in my registry. I do not wish to create other problems with functions that are working with the built in controls by adding keys that may have either gotten moved someplace else or been eliminated totally. Like I said in my first post the creators update was installed on my system , new out of the box, before I had a chance to start tweaking most settings to my liking, and before I had even installed more then a handful of programs, none of which had an issue on my old computer.
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    It is about exactly what you are stating that it is not about. The problem has been around as I stated since Windows 7 SP1. Use the links I gave in post # 12.
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    2 of those 3 pages do not even have the word "size" in them the third has it in the comments with someone asking how to change text size, like I stated my auto hide is working fine. The resizing of my task bar is the issue I am having the only time I see my task bar is if I move the mouse to the bottom of the screen or if I hit the windows key to pull up the start menu.

    So since my auto hide is working but I do not have the registry key from a page that is over 2 years old, and another of those is over 6 why should I add it to possibly break something by using old information when there also is comments on those pages that they do not work on the newer versions of windows?
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    Same problem and, yes, it has been a continuing Windows problem for almost ever. Per an earlier comment, I disabled Cortana just to see what would happen. That actually solved the problem. I don't know if I'll leave it disabled or live with the problem, however. Just a shame that Microsoft is so poor at fixing something that has annoyed so many users for so long. It's one of the things that gives Windows an undeserved bad name. If you need to know how to disable Cortana, I found it on here.

    To clarify, when I say "Same Problem.", what I mean is this. I have my taskbar set to autohide and to have two lines of icons. Upon restart, it continues to autohide but always converts to one line of icons. I believe that is what the OP said. Disabling Cortana resolved that problem. Thanks.
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    I have only recently upgraded to windows Creator and suffered from losing the bottom row of the taskbar each time I restart windows. I have tried lots of permutations 'supposed fixes' but my latest (might be different tomorrow!!) observations highlight the taskbar TOOLBARS: - If I remove all Toolbars from the taskbar, Restart = NO rows are lost.- With a toolbar applied to taskbar and taskbar locked Restart = NO rows are lost.- With a toolbar applied to taskbar and taskbar NOT locked Restart = ONE row lost. I also use a 3rd monitor with my laptop via a XCSOURCE USB 3.0 To HDMI HD 1080P Video Cable Adapter Converterwith this there 'seems' to be an extra problem:- With a toolbar applied to taskbar and taskbar locked Restart = ONE row lost.
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    Taskbar Shrinks after reboot

    I have the same issue. After the last W10 update (creators?, back in April), my taskbark keeps shrinking on each reboot. It was set at 2, then it shrinks to 1. I took some advice from another website to set it to 3, then it will shrink to 2 and stay at that size -- but it shrunk again on the next reboot back to 1. I reset my theme from custom to default, and the issue still occurs. Any ideas? At one point in time I remember updating my monitor default screen sizes because whenever I used my KVM switch, it would reset the monitor size to 640x480. Anyone who is experiencing this issue have a KVM or has updated the monitor settings?

    Not a critical error, but annoying to say the least -- you would think a simple thing like keeping a setting in between boots wouldn't be a big deal, apparently it is... especially when they "pushed" the update on me in the first place!

    Any ideas on how to fix? anyone?
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    My similar problem is that I unlock the taskbar, set it a a height of two and lock the taskbar. As long as I am still on the computer the taskbar hides as it is set and it stays at level 2. Then I shut down. When I return and boot up, the taskbar is reset to 1.

    The odd part is that it is not consistent on the desktop, but is consistent on the laptop.
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    Problem solved.
    Run gpedit.msc to open Group Policy Editor and navigate to
    User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Task Bar

    Simply enable the 'Lock all Taskbar settings' rule.

    Creators update Taskbar shrinks after reboot-auto-hide-taskbar-group-policy.jpg
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