Laptop screen blank after closing cover - !@#$%^(*&^ update

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    I've generally refrained from creating a microsoft account. I get enough garbage on a daily basis without adding MS to the horde... If I HAVE to do it I can, but I'd much prefer to have this thing activate without it.
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    They don't spam you , at least they don't spam me. Actually , its kind of helpful and convenient.
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    No spam here either. I get e-mails, but only because I asked for them as an MVP. Microsoft is one of the few companies out there that doesn't send you unsolicited e-mails.
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    GracieAllen said:
    What do NOW?

    Since you are using Win 10 Pro as a last resort I would suggest to see the power management settings in gpedit (I hope you know how to get to it):

    Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > System > Power Management > Button Settings
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    Thanks for the replies. Mayhap I'll go ahead and set up an MS account for her.

    I'm not using Win 10 Pro on this laptop, but Win 10 DID install, activate, run a HERD of updates, and APPEARS to still be working fine... Not crashing, no blank screens, no weirdness. I've gotten rid of just about all the bloatware, apps, trial stuff, and other annoying stupidity, and installed the software my wife customarily uses.

    Now I'll see if I can get this thing tuned so it runs as well as possible and see how it goes when I give it back to her... Although, I have to admit, my wife is somewhat of a Typhoid Mary of technology. I can have a computer sitting here, being used for a month. Work perfectly, no flakiness at all. Give it back to her and within 24 hours it'll have completely composted!!!!!!!
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    I usually don't register to random forums, but came across this post while I was searching for an answer. My laptop too worked great on 1607, got the 1703 update, rebooted, and then any time I closed the lid it would get stuck at that blank screen.

    So the fix for me, get the latest video drivers. in my case nvidia geforce 382.05 WHQL did it. I rebooted after the install for good measure, but now I can close the lid, open it again and it wakes right up, maybe even quicker than it did on 1607!

    hope this helps! that was a really frustrating few days
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    I'm in the UK and just got W10 CU. It all seemed fine on my old Acer laptop till I closed the lid: on reopening I got the blank screen. This was odd because I've always had "Do nothing" set in the power options. My first thought was to disable the lid close detection hardware, but before reaching for the wire cutters I tried setting the action "Sleep" instead. Et voila! Blanking the screen was just the lid's way of telling me it wanted something to do.
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    My laptop display turns off when I close the lid, even if I set it to "do nothing". I'm fine with that, it doesn't need to be on when the lid is closed anyway. And it turns back on as soon as I open it again. I have sleep and hibernate disabled. Do nothing just means don't go into sleep or hibernate. They have always been more trouble than they were worth for me. It kind of defeats the purpose if I have to hold my power button down and force a reboot to things working again. Things may be better now, I don't know, I'm in no hurry to find out. I prefer to fully shutdown when I'm done anyway. I alternate between my desktop and laptop and would just as soon the other was fully off.. I also run SSD's so boot up is nice and quick, sleep or hibernate doesn't really improve that.
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    Yes, the screen is like a fridge light: you don't need it on when the door's closed. But on my machine if switching off the screen is all the lid does it forgets to switch it on again. Waking up from sleep takes no time at all.
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    Wingding said:
    Yes, the screen is like a fridge light: you don't need it on when the door's closed. But on my machine if switching off the screen is all the lid does it forgets to switch it on again. Waking up from sleep takes no time at all.
    If you have it set to sleep after x minutes, it may be going into sleep mode while the lid is closed. And because the lid is set to do nothing, it stays in sleep mode until you press a key.
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