Hi all.

I put together a custom system build recently with Windows 10 Pro OS; I've had it up & running for about 2 weeks.

Yesterday, after some Windows Updates downloaded, I did a restart to complete their installation. Got to the login screen, entered my password, and pressed the Enter key. There's the little circle animation spinning....and spinning. I figured it can sometimes take a while depending on the updates (if it was a large size).

But nope, that wasn't it.

After about 10 minutes, a little box appears on-screen: "The GPSVC service failed the sign-in. The universal unique identifier (UUID) type is not supported." It had an "OK" button, I clicked it, it went back to the sign-in screen, entered my password once more, and this time it went to my desktop.

Yes, I know what GPSVC is (Group Policy). But.....isn't this something that's usually reserved for computers on a Domain? My home computer is a Workstation.

I did some searching on the 'Net, and evidently, according to some articles and postings I came across on tech forums, people with Workstation computers like me have come across this issue as well.

Some of the articles I came across assume that you are using System Center 2012 Configuration Manager or System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager if you see this error. This is not a server I'm using, it's my Workstation desktop.

Another article I came across has some instructions to do a Registry edit, and then some CMD text to enter; here's a link:

That article look legit? Not sure if the article is referencing desktops or servers. And, the article was written back in 2015, so it may even be referencing Windows 8.

Would the Registry edit and CMD text in that article work for me on my Workstation computer? Or can you tell if the info given is mainly for servers or computers on a Domain?

So....anybody heard of this GPSVC error on a Workstation desktop computer before? Gosh, my new system build with some primo parts, and now this error!!

Thanks for any info,