I've had this issue for a while, and it's really annoying me. I use BlueTooth earbuds a lot on my computer, and would like to use the full remote on them. All the controls work fine, except the play/pause button. It doesn't work in any software other than WMP (Windows 7) and other software downloaded from the Windows Store seeming all designed for Windows 10. Hell, even FL Studio works with the pause play, but none of my music player. I mess around with my registry a lot, so it might be that I disabled something in there that ties in with media controls. Even the pause/play on my keyboard tends to stop working after maybe five minutes of music playback. Could someone give me advice on how to fix this so my play/pause works in, for example... MusicBee, or VLC media player classic​ (non windows store)?

I often have a lot of issues with the connection to my computer dropping randomly with internet and Bluetooth. Thought I would mention that in here too.