Creators Update - Discussion of new changes and quirks

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    Windows 10 Home - Version 21H1- Build 19043.1266

    Okay, I think I figured it out.

    If you have the system icon "location" turned on - this is in taskbar settings/turn system icons on or off, then yes, if you expand the notification center icons, it does put it on the taskbar. I usually keep that off that is why I didn't see it the first time. I just keep it off and it stays off taskbar.

    Creators Update - Discussion of new changes and quirks-untitled.png

    Shut off the location system icon and it doesn't happen for me.

    Creators Update - Discussion of new changes and quirks-untitled2.png

    Creators Update - Discussion of new changes and quirks-untitled3.png

    Creators Update - Discussion of new changes and quirks-untitled.png
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    Windows 10 Home x64

    Yes tomseys I agree that works but I do like the ability to see when location is been used so turning the notification off is not really an option for me. I checked yesterday on a non updated win 10 pc and could not replicate this so is for sure something to do with the CU.
    Good to know its not just me though so thankyou for that haha.
    Its not really a big issue more of an annoyance. Hopefully any updates today may fix it.

    Thanks Danny
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    Windows 10 Home - Version 21H1- Build 19043.1266

    I should mention that when I set the icon to on, it is at the same time set to not show on the taskbar (in select which icons appear on the taskbar) yet will still show once notification icons are expanded. Anyway, I put it back the way i had it so I don't have to see it.
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    Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)

    I read somewhere that the update screws the Windows Store icon/tile for other user accounts apart from the main user who installed the update but clicking it still brings up the store. Of course that may not be a widespread issue at all but someone did report this from their own machine. Has anyone found that to be the case? We are waiting to install it later through windows update but as our family heavily relies on having our own user accounts this would be a frustration.
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    Windows 10 Home - Version 21H1- Build 19043.1266

    I did one little last test. I put location icon on, shutdown and started up again. No location icon in taskbar.

    Then I removed one icon from the notifcation center so this way there are only 4 icons there with no "expand" option.

    Then I opened the notification center and the location icon popped in to the taskbar - no "expansion" required.

    Edit: I guess that makes sense since if there are only 4, it is already in expanded mode.

    Edit #2 I find that it happens even with notification icons unexpanded. If I have the location icon set to on (but off in show icons on taskbar) and have location set to on and have it included as an icon in notification center, it will pop into the taskbar just by opening notification center (with only 4 icons showing out of 7) - unexpanded. With location Icon set to off but with location turned on and the icon included in the notification center, it doesn't show up in taskbar expanded or not.

    To be honest, I've always kept the icon off so I don't know its normal behavior.
    Last edited by tomseys; 11 Apr 2017 at 04:39.
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    Win 11 Pro

    One thing I've noticed, when I click on shutdown, it doesn't start the shutdown immediately, or at least there is nothing visual to indicate its shutting down. It takes about 10 to 15 seconds before it starts. This causes confusion as I wonder if I actually clicked on shutdown. Restart is the same way.
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    Windows 10 1607

    Joanne said:
    Okay, I have discovered that this has to do with disabling "Windows Hello for Business", in the Group Policy Editor of Windows 10 Pro. For as long as I keep it disabled I cannot set a PIN. When I set it to "Not Configured" I can set a PIN again, with the requirements: at least six, non-consecutive digits / non-ordinary combinations.

    I haven't tested the PIN much in this build but for a few hours, before setting my Group Policy the way I'm used to, I used a 4-digit PIN without any issue.

    No problem, I'll leave "Windows Hello for Business" not configured.
    Me too. I'd disabled 'Windows Hello for Business' in Group Policy and when I used the Update Assistant, the first thing I saw was a message telling me my organisation wants me to set a six digit PIN instead of my four digit one.
    Of course the only settings for PIN complexity relate to Windows Hello for Business...
    Setting that to 'not configured' and deleting the PIN allowed me to set it up again as before.
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    Windows 10 Home - Version 21H1- Build 19043.1266

    My shutdown seems faster than before - about 7 seconds from click of shutdown to completely off (wifi off light off). .
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    Win 11 x 64 Home. Pro x 64 on Surface.

    it seems MS did not do 'break it runs' before release (again). From all the comments above, it seems to have lots of problems. Awaiting patch number *************
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    Windows 11 Pro

    Since clean installing CU everything is faster on this machine; and that's not an impression or placebo effect. With the Anniversary Update there was always a lag when opening WinDVD Pro 12 and that was the first that I realized, "this thing's faster." Itunes starts faster, Windows Store which always had a lag, boots, restarts, shutdowns, everything is faster. I may defer any Updates for awhile beginning with any that arrive today as I fear MS will break it and it'll be back where it was before.
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