Windows 10: Black screen with spinning dots after upgrade to Creators Update

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    win 10 creators 64 bit
       23 Apr 2017 #11

    since you cannot see your screen, you might try (by guessing where things are), click on start, then just above that position would be the power icon, click on it, and just above that would be the 'restart' button, do a shift click on the restart button. might take you several tries to guess where the buttons are.
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  2.    23 Apr 2017 #12

    genekorn said: View Post
    since you cannot see your screen, you might try (by guessing where things are), click on start, then just above that position would be the power icon, click on it, and just above that would be the 'restart' button, do a shift click on the restart button. might take you several tries to guess where the buttons are.
    According to this source - I will have to navigate a lot of menus to get the desired result.

    At the moment I am creating a windows 10 DVD.. So I hope to be able to recover or rollback through the options provided by the disc =)
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    win 10 creators 64 bit
       23 Apr 2017 #13

    As you probably know, F8 to get into safe mode on a boot or restart simply does not work with win 10. Sounds like your system is really up, just the display adapter is not working properly. What I could see and verify that things were working.

    What you might try: Look at another system to get a feel for where things are. Then click on the START icon, position the curser to where you think the Power Icon is and click. Then position the curser to where you think the RESTART icon is and then do a SHIFT CLICK to tell the system to restart in safe mode. give it a chance to restart. if it does not try again until you restart in safe mode.

    Once you are in safe mode, go to device manager, open the properties of the display adapter. select 'driver', make a mental note of the driver version, select update my driver, browse my computer, let me pick and select a different display adapter than the one that is installed, then restart in normal mode. Hopofully this will get your display back. Good luck.
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       25 Apr 2017 #14

    genekorn said: View Post
    I also had the spinning dots which occurred after a restart several hours after the upgrade. I found that my system was up and I could see the system via Teamviewer also. I have a Logitech mouse which moved and I could click on START and the start screen appeared via teamviewer, but not on my system. I did a restart into safemode via teamviewer and could operate my system. Long story short: Creater downloaded an update for my Nvidia 745 video - version which was hanging after restart. I changed the driver back to version, rebooted and all came up 100% normal. I searched Nvidia and found driver version 8165 or version (dated 4/10/17) and upgraded to that level and still 100% OK so far. Hope this helps someone. (just a note, when the black screen was present, there was interference with the mouse which I ignored and ran with teamviewer until I could operate in safemode and mouse was fine there).
    How did you establish that the NVIDIA driver was the cause of the problem?
    I'm kind of surprised because I got the exact same problem on 2 computers and only one has NVIDIA graphics.
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    win 10 creators 64 bit
       25 Apr 2017 #15

    It was the problem in my case, but there may be other video cards. Googling led me to believe that the black screen/spinning stars were most liked to be video related, but one implied it might be a mouse issue. Since my mouse was working, I did not pursue the mouse and went for the video and it solved my problem.
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  6.    14 Jul 2017 #16

    Hi all,

    For those of you whom have now a system stuck on the Windows 10 Logo Screen with spinning dots, and possibly a mouse cursor.

    Follow these steps....
    1. Shut off system safely by either holding down your PC's power button until it switches off ( performs a "soft-off"), or press release reset button then switch off at plug or PSU
    2. Remove graphics card from motherboard (carefully), paying attention to the little clip that keeps card in place.
    3. Install any other graphics card.
    4. power up system
    4. Boot into windows
    5. Remove all graphics card drivers using add/remove programs (control panel)
    6. shut down system
    7. reinstall original graphics card and download latest driver from manufacturer or if oem or outdated from Nvidia/AMD do not let windows update do it!

    If using built-in (on-board) graphics then install any compatible graphics card you may have lying around (you wont need it for long) then carry on with steps 4 onwards

    Worked for me
    Hope it helps
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    Windows 10 Creators Edition
       04 Sep 2017 #17

    Ok, I couldn't get the repair option to come up after pressing the power button several times and restarting. So I forced the issue and went into my bios and turned on "Intel Rapid Storage Technology” or something similar to that and each time I powered back up Windows 10 automatically noticed that I don't have that tech in my system and restarted on it's own. After 2 restarts I waited until I could enter the bios and turned that Intel Rapid Storage Technology option off and did my 3rd restart and bam, Windows Repair option window. Picked advanced options and fumbled thru into safe restart. Then picked option 5 for safe mode with network support and got in. Then I went to Nvidia and downloaded the latest driver and did a clean install and now everything works. I have no idea why my restarting over and over would not bring up recovery options, but by forcing the issue by enabling the Intel Rapid Storage Technology and letting Windows figure it out worked for me. Hope this helps!
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  8.    23 Oct 2017 #18

    Did you install DuetDisplay at one time in the past? (It uses iPad as a second screen.) The program installed a video driver which worked at the time but is now incompatible with new nVidia drivers and the Creator's update. It causes Windows to boot either fail to boot with spinning dots on the screen, or to boot but display a black screen with frozen dots. Uninstalling DuetDisplay did NOT always properly remove that driver. The problem can be fixed by installing the newest version of DuetDisplay and then immediately uninstalling it if you don't want DuetDisplay. Other 2nd display software programs may have had similar problems.
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