Hi all
I noticed the problem when i watch flashplayer movies in Edge or use the desktop-app/Win10-Store-App Netflix.
Flashplayer movies on Firefox works everything fine - as expected.

But in Edge or Netflix when i move the mouse to the bottom of the screen the taskbar appears and when i move the mouse in to the upper right corner then the close,minimize,maximize "bar" appears.

My taskbar is not autohidden and i want it to stay it that way. But in fullscreen mode there shouldn't pop up the taskbar anyway, unless i exit the fullscreen mode - like it works in Firefox and like it worked for every application on Win7.

I read a lot about taskbar popping up and even staying always on and i know i had it also once in Firefox. But i think it has something with the new Win10 design to do. And i think this taskbar issue is connected like the issue with the close,minimize,maximize-bar.
Is there some registry key that i can change or a hidden setting?
I will never use the tablet mode or anything like that.
I've 3 computers and it's on all the same.

Thanks for any hint.