Hi eveyone, I hope you can help me because im desperate, I have no idea on what to do.

All of this begun when I tried to use Substance Painter (A texture program), it crashed all the time I tried to bake something in the program. Besides that I tried to play some other games and some of this crashed too (league of legends was one, installer of neverwinter, etc).

So I bought a GTX 1060, 16GB of RAM and a SSD. I tought that this substance painter crash was because my old GPU was old so I bought this new one. But the problem belongs, this app and some other just crash.

After a while, when this app crashed BDOS appears. I reboot my pc and when desktop shows up, BSOD again. So I said, Ok, its a temperature problem. I changed the thermal paste of the CPU thinking that that was the problem.

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Temperature in stand by right now.

But apps are still crashing and BSOD is still appearing.
-Made a clean install of win 7 and 10, both twice.
-Drivers are up to date.
-checked that my hard is compatible with those crashing apps (they are)
- New hardware I bought works fine, SSD no problems, 16GB RAM works and the GTX 1060 works, tested with the last resident evil at full performance.

I think this is a hardware problem, because this is still happening after 4 clean windows install.

But I dont know what is causing this.
I will appreciate any help, thank you !

Intel core i7-3370k
16GB RAM DDR3 Dual Channel, Corsair.
Nvidia GTX 1060
Asus P8Z77-M Motherboard
BXP65-0R Sentey, power supply.