Windows 10: How will you be transitioning to official release Windows 10?

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       09 Jul 2015 #1

    How will you be transitioning to official release Windows 10?

    Updating an Insider Preview copy to official?
    Downloading an ISO and formatting and fresh installing the official release?
    Upgrading directly from Windows 7, or 8?

    I think I will let this temp installation of Windows 7 receive the update, then after I've ensured that my Windows 7 license has registered with the free upgrade offer, I'll download an ISO of the full release, and format and reinstall Windows 10 from the ISO. Then I'll reinstall Windows 7 on a separate partition, and hopefully experience no issues with using the same registered license for Windows 10 and Windows 7 for dual-booting on one PC.
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    Perhaps it might be better to keep 7 and 10 on separate SSDs or HDDs.
    Your home PC would be well served if your storage media is bootable and removable.

    If both drives are connected at the same time,
    one of them will seek to retain the MBR if a second system is installed.

    Dual-booting 7 and 10 on the same storage device could cause other problems.

    I am NOT going to be UPGRADING 8 to 10.
    ... don't use 7 anymore. No transitions. 10 will be around for awhile. Not in any rush to hurry up and wait.

    Good Luck with your plans.
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       10 Jul 2015 #3

    The Dell Core Duo business box ( mostly casual use box ) is going to roll in the reserved Windows 10 pro OS on or about the 29th .

    This dual boot daily driver ,media player and test bed 7 x64 /Win 10 test build nerve center here will stay like it is for the duration of the testing or whenever the free OS product key exchange ends before I migrate it over permanently .

    The i7 Sandybridge workstation and all the outboard gear will remain on 7 x64 sp1 for a good while ( maybe see what shakes out with code Blue ) or whatever the big update is in early 2016 then think about migrating it depending on that and existing software (or updates ) ,vst plug ins and outboard HDWE compatibilities at the time.

    A lot of that stuff is just this year getting to Windows 8.1 anyway which shouldent preclude it from W10 but U never know on any given piece of HDWE or some software so that will involve a fair amount of validation here or trying things (in there) on this box in W10 first which may work or not (on that box either way ) so I'm not leaning in that direction ☻....
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    I used to run Linux but switched to Windows 10 Insider Preview which I plan to remain on as long as the program is available.
    I love testing out all the new things.
    I will buy a DVD of Win 10 eventually though, just not in the first year.
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    I'll be doing exactly as you plan to Delicieuxz, but I will be formatting all my internal drives after backing up all the data to my NAS.

    Don't forget to unplug any drives after C: as Windows is known to install parts of the OS on them. If you decide to replace or upgrade one of those drives later, it could cause problems.
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    I'll upgrade 3 of my PC's from 8.1 to 10 via the free offer. The other one is already upgraded from Windows 7 to the Insider Preview. I'll upgrade that one to the final too via the free upgrade offer. After that, if there are any issues, I'll do a clean install. What the issues are will determine if I reinstall 10 or go back to 8.1.
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    I'll be upgrading my backup rig and laptop from 7 Pro. I'll be staying on the IP on my main rig dual booting with 7. Depending on how much I use 10 compared to 7 I may upgrade my 7 install on my main to 10 before the years out, doubtful but possible.
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    OK you asked
    I have too many computers:
    I have a little EeePC with 2Gb and a 120 GB SSD. That is going from 7 Starter (just putting it back on now) to 10 and I think I am going to sell that one.
    My Toshiba Lappy will be upgraded to Windows 10. Just because laptops perform better on the latest OS.
    The 3 Media PC's are staying on Windows 7 for Media Center reasons. They are my DVR TV PC's used for Netflix Amazon etc
    Tammy's computer will stay on Windows 7 Ultimate and I'll use a spare key to put 7 Pro on the SSD to dual boot with 10 so it is there when she feels the need.
    Tammy's Laptop is staying on Windows 7 for now. I'd like to keep living so I am leaving it be.
    Main PC1 Currently dual boots 7 Ultimate with 8.1. Probably remove 8.1 and put 7 pro on then upgrade to 10 then clean install 10 to dual boot with 7
    Main PC2 Currently dual boots 7 Ultimate with 8.1. Probably remove 8.1 and put 7 pro on then upgrade to 10 then clean install 10 to dual boot with 7
    Main PC3 Staying on Windows 7 Ultimate for the time being. These 3 PC's also used for Virtual machines. Some of the Windows 7 VM will be upgraded to 10 Core and Pro. Currently running 5 x 10 VM.
    Main PC 4 Staying on Windows 7 Ultimate. Not sure if 10 offers enough for me to upgrade this handy extra PC.
    Dell 1909 all in one. Running Windows 7 Ultimate, probably going to upgrade to 10. This is in the wife's sewing room so it is a way of getting her to use 10 or not.
    Keep the 2 Windows 8.1 with Media Center licences handy if some replacement for Media Center is not forthcoming by 2020. Of course things could be different so a DVR is no longer needed and we can stream on demand anything on TV by then. Yes I do own plenty of licences for Windows 7.
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    I'll be upgrading Windows 8.1 to 10 so I can get the vanilla file to do a fresh install. I will then remove my current drive and install a RAID SSD (2 500GB's) and do a fresh install of Windows 10. Once that's done I'll migrate the files from the old drive over I want to keep. This is my main machine.

    My other two systems, a laptop for writing, an a Dell box as a Steam Machine), will just get the upgrade from 8.1 to 10. I might use the old SSD from my main system in the Dell box and just clone its drive.
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    That is a great question. Frankly I have no idea. I just put together three pcs...found my win 7 disk is OEM and can't use...about to get three new keys...the thinking go through all that...then upgrade only to do a fresh install win 10...scratching his head!
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