Does Windows 10 work on an old computer?

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    Windows 10 Home 64 bit (with Creators OS)

    Does Windows 10 work on an old computer?

    I help a friend on her W10, a laptop "less than 10years old". Let's assume its 8 years old. It repeatedly operates oddly in carrying out certain actions although it never throws an error message nor has a hissy fit. An example:

    SD card in camera connected by USB reader to computer. Its drive appears on the laptop's list of drives in "This PC" and it has 12 folders, each of 10 files. All 12 folders are listed in a window on the Desktop and each folder's files can be seen on opening the folders. I select all the folders (Left click on the top one, SHIFT+Click on the bottom). Then LEFT click on one of the selected folders, hold and drag towards the Recycle bin. On the way a pointer message reads "Copy here" as it goes over the Desktop etc. As it goes on to the Recycle Bin's icon that message disappears (it should read "Move to Recycle Bin"). I release the laptop's button. No effect either in the source or target locations.

    Another example: As above but instead of going to the Recycle Bin I drop the folders on to another open folder on the Desktop. That open folder now shows the 12 files (only) that are in the first folder on the card, no sign of its enclosing folder nor any sign of the other folders or their contents on the SD card. Therefore, only the 10 files in the first folder have been copied.

    This is abnormal. I do this sort of action successfully nearly every day on my W10 desktop computer. There is another different action which is abnormal but I can't remember what it is.

    Why is this happening on this computer? I have heard from several sources that any computer older than say 4 years or so is not suitable for running W10 (reportedly because it is a modern OS that "stresses" the hardware more than say W7 does). Is the age of the laptop the reason?

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    Windows 10 (Pro and Insider Pro)

    Hi Stevekir

    Don't think that computer more than 4 years old aren't suitable for Windows 10. I'm writing this from an (think) 8 years old PC, with some upgrades during the years.

    Laptop could have some more limitations, especially because the graphic cards are not upgradable, but if they run, all should be fine.

    Description of files copy /move behavior is perfectly normal. Files from removable media can't be putted in Recycle bin, therefore no action was performed, but you can delete them (without safety of Recycle bin...

    If you want to move some files from removable media, try holding SHIFT key..

    If you want files from SD card in Recycle bin, copy/ move them first to internal storage and then delete them...

    Second example, about copying nested folders should be investigated further. All of nested folders and files should be copied if there is no error reported (read or write) and permissions are fine...
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    windows 10

    I have an old Dell Vostro 1000, came with Windows XP. it is running win 10, but would need a RAM upgrade to make it run better.
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    Mac OS Catalina

    Depends on the CPU that came with it. That series came with different CPU's from AMD. It max is 2GB for RAM, which is really going to limit it running Windows 10 properly. Would be good for a lightweight Linux distro install running xfce. I have three Intel Core 2 Duo's in my Basement that would not have any issues running Windows 10. That is because all of them have 4GB RAM. Unless I try to run CPU hog programs on them, they do just fine with email and web browsing.
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    windows 10

    Hey @Stevekir,

    you might want to read this - it might help you :)

    Skylake users given 18 months to upgrade to Windows 10 | Ars Technica UK

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    Windows 10 Home 64 bit (with Creators OS)
    Thread Starter

    Jen812 said:
    Hey @Stevekir,

    you might want to read this - it might help you :)

    Skylake users given 18 months to upgrade to Windows 10 | Ars Technica UK

    Interesting. As a non-techie, I think I will conclude that if you are a light user (emails, Web browsing, text, photos) on an 8-year old computer, adding RAM would be a good idea. You would probably be able to run Windows 10 but would probably have problems if you run modern or more sophisticated software. In other words, the modernity of your hardware needs to match that of the OS and software that you are running.
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    Win 10 Pro (1903) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    On older laptops you may run into heat management issues e.g. in Safe Mode due to lack of compatibility of low-level drivers.
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    Win10 Version 21H2 Pro and Home, Win11 Pro

    I came back to this old thread as I have just finished Upgrading a Dell Vostro 1510 from 32-bit Vista to 64-bit Win7 then to 64-bit Win10 Home. The only issue with it occurred with Win7 and continued with Win10, couldn't get drivers for the Mass Storage Controller. Turned out it was for the ExpressCard port, don't know if they are still in use so no problem, just Disabled it in the BIOS and in Device Manager.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    I was away when this thread was started. I'd like to drop my 2 cents plain though.

    Windows 10 Pro is running like a champ on my HP Pavillion DV7 laptop. Its a Core 2 Quad Q9000 processor with 2Gb of memory.

    Bought in 2008, its been through Windows Vista, 7 and now 10.
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    Windows 10 Pro 1709 16299.19

    Hey, about old laptops like 10+/- years i have a Packard Bell ALP-Ajax C2 old enough for retirement but since w10 come out i used it until last week and yeh run W10 1607 PRO and its still work but i not use it so often like before.
    I'm using w10 on it because i have W7 PRO license and made upgrade to W10.

    W10 PRO x86
    CPU T2080 1.73
    RAM 4G but see only 3G

    The only problem can be the video driver !!!
    For this video card i have the drivers and i can uplod to share it
    PS The laptop come with Windows Vista

    Have a nice day
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