Can not adjust Additional power settings windows 10 + sound popping

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    Windows 10

    Can not adjust Additional power settings windows 10 + sound popping

    So i have a lenovo y700 and right out of the box it was making a sound pop from the speakers when i begin playing sound from my speakers. I think i might have found a solution to it, but i need to be able to
    3) Navigate: "Edit Plan Settings" > "Change Advance Power Settings."4) Click on the plus sign next to the dropdown title "Processor Power Management."
    5) Click on the plus sign next to the dropdown title "Maximum processor state."
    6) Change the value of "Plugged in:" from 100 to 95.
    Problem is, i cant get to "Change Advance Power Settings." because the option does not exist. I am looking at the edit plan setting right now and there are no options below the brightness and stuff.

    (ill post some of what is wrong with my sound card latency as well)
    CONCLUSION__________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________Your system appears to be having trouble handling real-time audio and other tasks. You are likely to experience buffer underruns appearing as drop outs, clicks or pops. One or more DPC routines that belong to a driver running in your system appear to be executing for too long. Also one or more ISR routines that belong to a driver running in your system appear to be executing for too long. At least one detected problem appears to be network related. In case you are using a WLAN adapter, try disabling it to get better results. One problem may be related to power management, disable CPU throttling settings in Control Panel and BIOS setup. Check for BIOS updates. LatencyMon has been analyzing your system for 0:00:33 (h:mm:ss) on all processors._________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________SYSTEM INFORMATION_________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________Computer name: LAPTOP-F8EM1VJBOS version: Windows 10 , 10.0, build: 14393 (x64)Hardware: 80NV, LENOVO, Allsparks 5ACPU: GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHzLogical processors: 8Processor groups: 1RAM: 12115 MB total_______________________________________________________________________________________________ __________CPU SPEED_______________________________________________________________________________________________ __________Reported CPU speed: 2592 MHzNote: reported execution times may be calculated based on a fixed reported CPU speed. Disable variable speed settings like Intel Speed Step and AMD Cool N Quiet in the BIOS setup for more accurate results.____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________MEASURED INTERRUPT TO USER PROCESS LATENCIES___________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________The interrupt to process latency reflects the measured interval that a usermode process needed to respond to a hardware request from the moment the interrupt service routine started execution. This includes the scheduling and execution of a DPC routine, the signaling of an event and the waking up of a usermode thread from an idle wait state in response to that event.Highest measured interrupt to process latency (s): 2510.614308Average measured interrupt to process latency (s): 13.305898Highest measured interrupt to DPC latency (s): 2505.478512Average measured interrupt to DPC latency (s): 2.983946____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________ REPORTED ISRs________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________Interrupt service routines are routines installed by the OS and device drivers that execute in response to a hardware interrupt signal.Highest ISR routine execution time (s): 5013.197531Driver with highest ISR routine execution time: Wdf01000.sys - Kernel Mode Driver Framework Runtime, Microsoft CorporationHighest reported total ISR routine time (%): 0.163442Driver with highest ISR total time: Wdf01000.sys - Kernel Mode Driver Framework Runtime, Microsoft CorporationTotal time spent in ISRs (%) 0.166006ISR count (execution time <250 s): 4935ISR count (execution time 250-500 s): 0ISR count (execution time 500-999 s): 10ISR count (execution time 1000-1999 s): 2ISR count (execution time 2000-3999 s): 2ISR count (execution time >=4000 s): 0___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______REPORTED DPCs________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________DPC routines are part of the interrupt servicing dispatch mechanism and disable the possibility for a process to utilize the CPU while it is interrupted until the DPC has finished execution.Highest DPC routine execution time (s): 3855.630401Driver with highest DPC routine execution time: Wdf01000.sys - Kernel Mode Driver Framework Runtime, Microsoft CorporationHighest reported total DPC routine time (%): 0.053009Driver with highest DPC total execution time: rspLLL64.sys - Resplendence Latency Monitoring and Auxiliary Kernel Library, Resplendence Software Projects Sp.Total time spent in DPCs (%) 0.164057DPC count (execution time <250 s): 102258DPC count (execution time 250-500 s): 0DPC count (execution time 500-999 s): 82DPC count (execution time 1000-1999 s): 4DPC count (execution time 2000-3999 s): 1DPC count (execution time >=4000 s): 0___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______ REPORTED HARD PAGEFAULTS__________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________Hard pagefaults are events that get triggered by making use of virtual memory that is not resident in RAM but backed by a memory mapped file on disk. The process of resolving the hard pagefault requires reading in the memory from disk while the process is interrupted and blocked from execution.NOTE: some processes were hit by hard pagefaults. If these were programs producing audio, they are likely to interrupt the audio stream resulting in dropouts, clicks and pops. Check the Processes tab to see which programs were hit.Process with highest pagefault count: compattelrunner.exeTotal number of hard pagefaults 93Hard pagefault count of hardest hit process: 77Highest hard pagefault resolution time (s): 7270.413194Total time spent in hard pagefaults (%): 0.010461Number of processes hit: 5
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    Windows 10

    Go to Power Option > Edit plan Setting > Restore to default setting for this plan > save changes.

    Go to Lenovo website, download latest Audio driver for you laptop.
    Right click on PC > Properties > Device manager > Sound video and gaming control > delete and uninstall audio device JBL.

    Install the latest audio driver. restart when asked.
    Hope this help.
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