Hi all,

I've got a ton of image files for my costuming group that get posted and I download. Because of how they are saved on our forums, I am often working with with 100's of files that have the same name. As an example, I would have "DCIM_0001", and then "DCIM_0001(1)", "DCIM_0001(2)", and so forth. Since I need these all in the same place (same folder), I just allow windows to handle the naming on save down. If I am saving to the same folder in succession it just adds parenthetical enumeration to the file name. Well, I found that there is a limit in windows when doing this. If I try to save an image to the folder and I have 101 versions of that file name already saved (all the way up to "DCIM_0001(100)"), windows will no longer continue enumerating the file names. Instead it populates the base file name from the forums, "DCIM_0001", and since that file already exists and I don't want to save over it, I have to manually update the file name to "DCIM_0001(101)".

Has anybody else run into this? I figure I could use a mass file renamer to add additional numeration or something else to the name and do that every 100 files, but that's a hassle too. Just curious if I can change this 100 limit. I don't believe windows 7 had this.