Hi, I see a huge difference in how fast it takes for an indexed item to be found on a drive between the drive being fully indexed, and selectively indexed.

if I index a couple of folders on, say, drive H:, then use search in file explorer to find something indexed with H: open in file explorer, it takes a relative age for an indexed item to be found. Green progress bar creeps across..

If, however, I have all of H: indexed, finding said item is very very quick.

Now logical me would expect the search to first scan indexed items, then the rest of the drive/partition. But the green progress bar in the partially indexed case suggests that the reverse is true.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

(P.S. I normally use a 3rd party tool to find things- so much more convenient and faster, which explains why I haven't bothered thinking about this much before).

Related: I suspect Cortana's message 'These results may be incomplete' when doing a documents search reflects the above. Now I have H: fully indexed, Cortana can find text content there instantly, whereas on E: where have two folders indexed, I get that message- equivalent, I guess, to the green progress bar.