I have ~ 200 machines here on our domain, all running windows 10 Pro. We have configured a custom start menu using by exporting LayoutModification.xml and applying this through Group Policy. It has always been slightly problematic in that some users see some tiles and others don't, there's no rhyme or reason to which work consistently. I've made a change to this file to add a new tile, applied this to the .xml file and saved to the location the GPO points to.

On updating group policy or even manually using Import-StartLayout through PowerShell it simply WILL NOT make this change to any machines.

Current build on our clients is 1607 and we're using Server 2012 R2 on our DCs and FP server.
I've been through MULTIPLE threads on various forums and tried various means to get this applying, even going so far as to creating a new GPO that effects only TEST users. These test users get the start menu applying but NOT the new group and tile in question.

This is an essential shortcut for a new tool we're pushing out to the business ad I've been looking at this for hours, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.