Well that was frustrating. I'm trying to make the title of this post something easy to find via a search engine and this forum's design truncates the title line.

There is lots of advice out there on how to fix Error Code 0xc000000e. But none of it worked for me. And I found something that did. And I'm trying to pass that "Fix" along so others can try it.

There are multiple reasons why windows might crash; windows locks up and you have to cold boot (Unplug/Hold Power Button own), power failures, etc.

What I fond I that through some unknown mechanism you can end p with a corrupt partition being created at the front of your boot disk.

+++++++++++++++ THE FIX +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
There is a free piece of softwareyou can use to quickly check to see if this is your problem -TestDisk.exe

Be sure to read their instructionshere
TestDisk Step By Step - CGSecurity

My problem looked like this

Click image for larger version. 

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NOTE: There are two (2) Partition#1's. Both occupy the same sectors 2048 thru 264191.

What I found was the first onelisted was corrupt. (Do the QUICK SEARCH and then look at the files/folders ineach.The corrupt one will say it is defective)

I used TestDisk to mark the corruptone DELETED

Then wrote the results

[I also had to use another piece ofsoftware called VisualBCD
Download Visual BCD

(also available via MajorGeeks,softpedia and cnet)

I use this to fi the BCD that I likely messed up in my prior efforts to fix my boot problem.

But the what was causing my 0xc00000e issue was the weirdadded partition and TestDisk fixed that.]

I happen to have a Disk ManagementScreenshot before the problems. Here is a before and after. It looksuntidy but it works 100%
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NOTE - THIS IS A DUAL BOOTARRANGEMENT. Normally you'd have an EFI Partition also. (In my case the EFIPartition is on the Windows 7 Disk)