It's time to buy a new computer

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       28 Mar 2017 #21

    pparks1 said: View Post
    One has to think that somebody who is ok with using a Dell, is also not likely going to get a video card that costs about 1/2 of the price of his entire system :)
    Stranger things have happened.

    Dell offers the 1080 (not 1080ti) as a $500 option (over the 1060).
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  2.    29 Mar 2017 #22

    Wow, only $500 more than the 1060? It had better be a stripped down 1060 and an overclocked super version of the 1080 for that much difference.
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  3.    29 Mar 2017 #23

    bobkn said: View Post
    The processor in the Dell is listed as an I7-7700k. It's unlocked. (Seems unusual for Dell.)
    Aren't K models also initially clocked faster than non -K ?
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       29 Mar 2017 #24

    CountMike said: View Post
    Aren't K models also initially clocked faster than non -K ?
    Short answer: yes, at least for the 7700.

    I didn't know, so I looked. According to, the 7700k's clocks are 4.2/4.5 Ghz (base and "turbo"). For the 7700, 3.6/4.2 GHz.
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  5.    01 Apr 2017 #25

    I just placed the order with Dell this morning.
    With tax it was $1524.
    The various custom build shops had essentially the same box for:
    Intrex            $1608
    Digital Storm     $1611
    Computer Cellar   $1713
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  6. Stevekir's Avatar
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       02 Apr 2017 #26

    margrave55 said: View Post
    I don't build computers. That's why someone suggested a custom-build shop. But which one? Would that be a local shop, or an online-order shop? Which one(s) are trustworthy?

    As for RAM ... 16 GB will be enough for now, but I have a 16 GB limit in Windows 7 Home. I don't know what the limits are in Windows 10. Can I go to 32 GB? Do I need a "Pro" version for that?

    Anyway, I'm not too worried about the specs and parts. I've bought from Dell and HP in the past, but I'm inclined to look elsewhere this time. So my main question is: What reliable source should I buy from?
    You might consider Lenovo (if available in US). I think they have a good reputation in UK. I have one. Very pleased with it, but I don't do technically adventurous operations on it. Just use it.
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  7.    03 Apr 2017 #27

    I bought the Dell yesterday.

    16 GB RAM
    512 GB SSD
    2 TB disk drive
    GTX 1060 graphics
    $1524 with tax

    Delivery next week
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  8.    03 Apr 2017 #28

    Hi there

    OK I've seen you've already made your choice

    However for others :

    I'd take a slightly different approach on this

    I'd go for a Microcube Proliant HP Gen 8 SERVER -- Tiny footprint - runs Windows 10 perfectly and has easily accessible 4 HDD bays

    Buy the server "Bog standard" -- i.e it comes equipped just with CPU and a base memory --increase to 16 GB RAM. Get SSD for Bay 1 and put any other HDD's in Bays2,3,4.

    Computer will boot from SSD in Bay 1 (adapter for SSD to fit in standard HDD bay - works perfectly).

    Add half height Nvidia GT610 card -- will drive a 4K TV as well -- and has sound via HDMI output. (on board video has no sound and is only VGA but works fine with addition of "half height" nvidia card.

    Good thing about these "Microservers" is they have plenty of USB2 Ports, 2 USB 3 ports and 2 X ethernet slots and being servers they will run 24 / 7 on little power almost forever.

    There are also tricks where you can use the DVD bay to fit your SSD and boot from that - but it's a bit more complex.

    If you leave Bay 2 empty and have Bays 3,4 with 2 X HDD's in it you can use the built in RAID --although I would tend to just run the system as "Standard" i.e forget the RAID part as you are essentially running this as a desktop.

    For Wifi you will need a Wifi adapter - these are cheap enough and won't have any problems -- I run mine though using an old Router as a Wifi-ethernetr Bridge --i.e I plug the ethernet cable into the router which connects to the main router via Wifi (5 GHZ) so Windows thinks I'm just running off the standard LAN.

    Slightly unconventional answer but WORKS BRILLIANTLY and takes so little space.

    With 4Gb RAM they can be as little as 150 USD /120 GBP -- you have to add graphics, more RAM and your HDD's/SSD's.

    in UK

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	snapshot21.png 
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    Well worth looking at

    For a little more money you can get a more powerful CPU - but depending on what you need to do the basic model seems fine.

    Note add more RAM, Buy your HDD's / Graphics card and you are in business

    Dual Xenon's are IMO better than I7's anyway if you want a lot more poke - and I'm not sure unless you are an extreme gamer or doing a lot of stuff like A.I simulation an i7 processor is probably hugely overkill for 90% of people out there.

    My experience with YEARS of handling computers is usually POOR / TERRIBLE HDD's followed by lack of RAM rather than lack of processing power -- but of course YMMV and remember these days a lot of heavy graphic work is shifted away from the main processor on to the GPU anyway.

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  9.    03 Apr 2017 #29

    margrave10 said: View Post
    I just placed the order with Dell this morning.
    With tax it was $1524.
    wow! thats $ome change
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       03 Apr 2017 #30

    asusG said: View Post
    wow! thats $ome change
    Gotta pay a pretty penny for a pretty computer.
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