Hi, I am aware of scaling problem on high DPI monitors/screens Windows 10 has. Therefore I has been using XPEWindows10_DPI_FIX with custom scaling of 124% without any display problems (even .mmc consoles are displayed fine such as device manager, event viewer and so on). This morning I started to use external keyboard instead of laptop's keyboard thus I had to change scaling to higher value e.g. 150% but now text in device manager, event viewer ... is blurry. I thought XPEWindows10_DPI_FIX works fine for all scaling values but it seems not. Is there any solution for this? Laptop is farther from me than before because of keyboard thus scaling of 124% is not appropriate value anymore.

It is absolutely unacceptable how MS screwed up scaling which was working fine on Windows 8.1 and still it does not have any 100% working solution. I am system engineer who frequently use .mmc consoles which are completely unaware of high dpi scaling - displayed text is very very blurry.