Need Help with clean Win10 installation, optimization & pure settings

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    Need Help with clean Win10 installation, optimization & pure settings

    Ok i come across alot of problems lately
    Every time i do clean installation its degraded somewhat.
    The idea is to make my laptop run as good as it gets with those capabilities it have etc.
    My problem is that since yesterday i didnt know that OS remembers settings in firewall even if u do clean install and who knows what settings it saves on microsoft cloud which makes this a problem
    Yes i know how to do a clean install and pllenty of more but my system is off i can feel it somehow.
    I did clean install yesterday but before that i was messing alot with windows settings like port forwarding, firewall settings u name it.
    Now since i got this laptop it was perfect and every clean installation was perfect until yeterday.
    Main problem is that my browser didnt download files like they used to becuase of policy and attachment in register which system scan for viruse during donwload task. Yes the value is usually off when u do a clean installation which is value 1 or maybe 0 i didnt check that before until yesterday. Now it was a pain to find what was the issue about download problem. And u can see clear difference when changing that registry but what i want is to have super clean installation. That means no previous settings over cloud, no firewall leftovers, no leftovers what so ever from nowhere.
    Clean Firewall Windows 10 factory installation first time, no settings form nowhere, no registry leftovers etc
    and why is that registgry taking to long for files to download even if it scans in realtime.
    I reseted my router to factory reset as well.
    Then when i clean %temp% and temp folders i notice it messes up with start up graphics. First screen there is no animation and wake up state also messes up lockscreen background (its black) but only wake up from deep sleep. Short wake up shows lockscreen background.
    And lately i have problems with my drivers. I did a couple of clean installs just to see whats going on.
    If i first install drivers from oem its a total mess. To many conflicts which make somethings off.
    Like audio drivers and invensive g sensor.
    Now what i have to do to get system run perfectly is to wait for windows to scan whole system passevly and that takes about 1 hour then i do windows update then i do driver installation which i must mess with becuase system will not recognize all drivers which are ment for windows 10 but i need to cheat the system to find drivers which are ment for win 8. Then if im lucky Audio drivers which are ment for windows 10 will be recognized and by no means i want to update driver for invensive g sensor because it will mess screen rotation that is most difficult one. I need to wait for system to recognize invensive driver by its on but at the same time i cant have windows 10 drivers on any folder because it will install the "wrong one".
    This is making me frustated and i really need help wtih those issues because even now when i write this on clean system i know that its not perfect its off. It feels half baked. Sorry to write such a long and maybe not effective thread but this is the best i can do.
    Clean settings-pure settings for everything
    Cloud detached and clean which doesnt mess any settings
    Order and steps in Driver/Windows update/System scan device/recognition control
    Avoiding system conflicts

    Thanks if anyone can help at all

    P.S i cleared Trusted module as well yesterday over factory reset and since that the browser download parameter was changed, before it alwasy downloaded files which i presume it was virus scan with value 1, Clearing trusted module have changed that behaviour which is now at value 3.
    Now i dont know if trusted module surves as well as some type of register memory or setting memory.
    But this is what i know that value was changed only after i deleted trusted module in factory reset which u get prompted if u want to delete trsuted module or not. Clean install doesnt have that option
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    are you following this install procedure-

    Windows 10 - Clean Install
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    Now that is what im talking about.
    That looks like first time factory installation. I never had that becuase windows was preloaded. And my Os is OEM Win not stand alone. I usually install from uefi. But i see that it includes enteprise installation which i dont have, My windows is home 32bit only.
    I did install windows to external drive as well using command not uefi.
    By the way i have problems with swaping files as well in virtual memory. maybe first 4 installation swaping did work now it doesnt its only by OS handling. I even changed my external drive to GBR tought it would work but nothing seems to work for swaping.
    I think i do clean install with secure boot i never deactivated secure boot before.
    and i have also problems with my external drive which is embedded in keyboard to be sata not usb sata, i also tried to change that many times without luck to get most out of speed of my drive. Kayboard is connected to usb 3.0. its 2 in 1 device. I dont even know its possible to make hdd like regular sata not usb connection.
    so for installation i need to make fast boot not secure boot?
    What about microsoft cloud settings. Can i delete entire cloud drive wihtout losing license? so it doesnt mess with system settings
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