With the mention of PS [Powershell] and how the regular prompt windows work I usually work with the elevated prompts and when I checked the regular cmd window it reflected the changes I made to the elevated one.

When I went to check PS it retained the OS defaults but when I checked the defaults they were set to my changes in the standard cmd window...... I then checked PS properties and they were defaults so I changed them to my preference and both defaults and properties of PS are holding...

I did find out that there is no F7 cmd history popup that I can find on my system and I have been looking for that, so far I'm only coming up with a get-history cmd and it is harder to work with. This site: https://PowerShell Command History and Buffers | www.petri.com says there should be an F7 popup for PS unless I'm using the ISE version of PS, but as far as I can tell I'm not. So my problem will be to find out why it won't on my laptop. I did go into the lenovo settings app and the keyboard is set to use the function keys as F keys and not hotkeys, F7 doesn't work on either regular or elevated PS just the standard cmd window. As for history PS won't save it but there are ways around that.

I have explored the first dozen sites in these google searches: powershell history across sessions | and | how to bring up cmd history in powershell

By the way; If you mess up the personalizations and want a quick way to revert to default see this tutorial by @Pyprohly Command Prompt - Restore Default Personalization Settings - Windows 7 Help Forums