I've just gotten a new desktop computer and am battling my way through Win 10. It has an Asus X99 Deluxe II board, an i7 6850 3.6, 32 GB DDR4 2400 ram, anEVGA GeForce GTX 1080, 8 GB. I have a 2 tb ssd for drive C, a WD 4 tb red partitioned into two drives, another 2 tb ssd for photo storage etc. I chose this because I do a lot of photo editing and am often using PS and LR and something else at the same time. I had a few smaller SATA 6 ssds from my old machine which were under a year old. I used one to create a separate scratch disk for photo editing programs.

I used another, a 128 GB Samsung, for virtual memory. I set windows to ONLY use this drive for virtual memory and since there's 128 GB, I set total paging file size to 90000 MB. When looking at the drive in My Computer, the green bar is filled to about 80% and seems to stay the same. It is reported as "23.7 GB free of 111 GB" and this too seems to stay the same. I don't know whether the approx 80 GB reported used actually has data on it or whether it is reported used because it has been allocated? If allocated, that's fine - but I want to be sure it's working properly because even with all the above resources the Adobe editing programs are not as responsive as I was expecting - or maybe dreaming :)

Would appreciate thoughts on how I set this up and whether it seems optimal. Also - how do I determine whether the paging file is functioning properly?