Windows 10: Returned the ASUS and purchased a Dell

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  1.    10 Mar 2017 #61

    My .02 from experience.

    I will never buy or recommend for my clients a CONSUMER grade computer for any reason.
    If you cant afford new from the business section(Dell,HP ect, with the specs you want there is a huge market of affordable off lease business class computers at NewEgg for example.

    Remember you get what you pay for. Those sub $600 Consumer machines are junk.

    If you want to run fancy expensive software you need to plan your computer AROUND the software and if you cant afford the computer that can run such software/games at at least recommended settings/specs then you just have to save up till you can afford to "pay".

    Buying any old computer and hope it works or that it can be "upgraded" later especially laptops is a waste of time and money.

    End of my .02 for now.
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       10 Mar 2017 #62

    ArazelEternal said: View Post
    Oh, I understand the not having money. Trust me. That is why I do a lot of my shopping on eBay. I got this system with my tax return check. If it wasnt for that I wouldnt have been able to afford it. Some more reasearch would have done you well though. There are some Precision models that are a generation older than what I have that would likely have fit into your price range, and would have had the keypad as well.

    Dont feel alone here though. That other poster that said you had autism, I think that was kind of a crap thing to just say like that. Little do most people know, I have autism as well so I am there with you.
    Well, people have rude to me all of my life and there is nothing I can do about it. That is why I keep my circle small and don't talk to anyone but my family and fiancée. People being rude as in bullies. Some people just don't understand people with special needs. But I refuse to let what he said get me down. At first, it did sound a little harsh yet I didn't know if he meant it that way or not. Because talking to someone over the internet can make you easily sound rude versus talking to someone in person.
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  3.    10 Mar 2017 #63

    AddRam was just stating a point, certainly not in a bad manner, I personally as has been stated would have had a little more of a look around to find a computer to fit me, my ex partner bought her daughter a pc and after a few weeks she asked me to look at it, the computers back in the old 386 days still would have been faster, I gave her my laptop and told her to return the pc.
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       16 Mar 2017 #64

    I have made my decision and I am returning the Dell. After my money is refunded, I will have to do research and will have a choice on what to find that fits into my budget but better than the Dell. I hate returning things like this. It is so frustrating. I know a lot of you have recommended brands, models, and told me where to purchase a computer from, but if some of you could re-list some suggestions that would be very much appreciated. I need all of the help I can get with this.
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  5.    16 Mar 2017 #65

    I just ordered a refurbished HP 8760W from I can report back in a couple weeks how it actually looks and performs. From all my internet research it got top reviews. Supposed to be built like a tank (my wife is very hard on laptops and cars). The videos of the upgrades to the computer are amazing, it's supposed to have a large panel on the back that just a latch keeping it closed. Two RAM slots, two drive bays, the WiFi card and the expansion bay for a third hard drive or optical drive are there.

    If you want to upgrade the video card, processor, or the other two RAM slots, those are definitely user doable, just a little bit more effort to pull the palm rest / keyboard off.

    HP 8760W -
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  6.    16 Mar 2017 #66

    Prior to buying HP and Asus laptops, I've always built my own desktops. I thought that this would be difficult, but after you learn a few basics, it's not hard at all. Buying the components you want makes these machines custom made.

    The first desktop I built in 2000 had a great Gigabyte motherboard and is still running today....on Windows 7. I've made some repairs over the years, but it continues to run great as a backup.
    There are plenty of videos on YouTube that show how to build your own.

    Anyway, the recent Asus I purchased is lightening fast and runs Win 10. It's a GL753VE-DS74. It's not cheap, but I figured I was worth it. I think my computer-building era is now over.
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  7.    16 Mar 2017 #67

    gene1000 said: View Post

    Anyway, the recent Asus I purchased is lightening fast and runs Win 10. It's a GL753VE-DS74. It's not cheap, but I figured I was worth it. I think my computer-building era is now over.
    I have an Asus X750J laptop. It came with 2x 1TB hard drives installed and I believe 8 GB RAM. I upgraded 1 of the 1TB hard drives to a 500GB SSD, 16 GB of RAM, and replaced the WiFi card with a dual band AC + Bluetooth card. It's fantastic! I love it! I just wish it had a dedicated video card like the laptop does I just ordered for my wife.
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       17 Mar 2017 #68

    Well... I am back to my Toshiba for now. I really don't want a computer that looks like a brick. I like the newer models, where the design looks sleek and stylish. I know. I am very picky.
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