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The HTC One M8 has been out for over a year.

HTC One (M8) - Full phone specifications

Compared to the M9 which was released this year (for Android) it lacks a lot, such as LTE capability.

HTC One M9 vs HTC One (M8) for Windows - Phone specs comparison

Thanks ARC, that's some great info. I hope those two phones are actually coming... It looks like there is a lot more info.. in fact, the rumored names are the Lumia 940 and 940XL.

I just went ahead and bought a Lumia 930. If these 940's come out, i'll buy one as well, but i'd rather not wait for rumors.
The HTC M8 already lost the fight against Lumia 930 , im not saying it's a bad phone. it's good but not enough to beat the Lumia 930. If the 940's coming out, I would also like to take a look.