I may have a slightly strange question here today.
Is the Windows Store Cache and or Licences connected to the Windows 10 product key?
I'm trying to find a Microsoft employee who may be able to answer this question, but so far I've got no luck. One of the managers at my local Microsoft store says it "Might be... but I don't know".

On my desktop currently when I run the Windows App Diagnostics, it shows that I have a corrupt Windows Store Cache/ Licences. This has persisted through clean installs, and I have tried different hard drives and updating BIOS.

My Windows Key is a retail version of Windows 10 Home, it was reused from my previous system. My previous system is offline, it is not functional, so i've done nothing wrong there.

The symptoms on my current PC are that whenever I run Microsoft edge, reliability history will show it "Stopped working" even though it seems to function fine, it did not crash.
Now I've been trying to troubleshoot some stability issues with my current system and I remembered back to when I was troubleshooting my old PC...
I remember on my old PC I looked at Reliability history and I recalled having seen the Microsoftedge.exe stopped working error in reliability history.

I reused the key from that system, along with an SSD and an HDD. I'm unsure if the issue may have carried over since the Windows Key was somehow tied to the Windows Store or if it was one of my drives.
Neither of those drives house my Operating system, I got a new Samsung 850 EVO for that. The other SSD just holds games while the HDD holds general files.

Just trying to make sure that if I start replacing parts, issues won't follow me, I'm exploring the possibility of new drives or a new key.

Any insight there would be appreciated!
Thank you!