For the last several days I have been puzzled about the fact that suddenly my computer would not wake up from sleep any more without bluecreening, although it would go to sleep all right. I don't know if this was caused by a windows update or some other reason. I even posted about this in the BSOD area and reinstalled my OS (windows 10) and all my programs but the problem remained.

I think I have found the reason. I did not have the administrator account set up. It appears that you have to have the administrator account set up, although it doesn't have to be visible (/active:no). I am not sure what the reason is unless it has to do with how the computer goes to sleep. Maybe someone knows and can post the answer. I have tried this time and time again and whereas before I used to bluescreen every time. now the computer recovers from sleep no problem.

I tried it also with hibernate and it is different. Every time I wake it from hibernate, the computer reboots but no bluescreen. I don't know if this is the normal operation for recovery from hibernate.

I have not marked this as solved yet pending comments from others.