Persistent OS errors even after clean install dtdll.dll svchost, etc

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  1.    13 Feb 2017 #11

    Caledon Ken said: View Post
    I agree with lx07, it is okay to see errors but I'm not sure I would agree that hundreds on a clean install is normal. lx07 took five days to get 164. How many are you getting over what time period.

    I've been reading what you posted, it seems to have got to me late, that I have to report.

    Windows 10 is a pretty robust install. Now normally I would do what you do, that is get OS in and then install drivers. Now I do the install and check the drivers. Has the device been recognized correctly, is there a recent driver for same. Are any devices flagged. Now there is some software that comes with Motherboards that may be required.

    Interested in other members approach to installing clean.

    I would try doing an clean install, then performing the updates. Check device managers and see where you are.

    There is a driver verify process within the forums. Give it a test spin.

    As to the errors you may have group and address.
    I know I am rather concerned, upon booting up into the clean install there were at first about 100 errors and 100 warnings, as I installed drivers some more errors popped up.
    I think I ended at about 300 errors and like 100 warnings? I don't remember completely clearly.

    none of my devices seem to be being flagged, they're all seemingly being detected correctly from what I can tell.

    Can you please link me to the driver verify process? I would love to do that.

    Thank you!
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  2.    13 Feb 2017 #12

    TairikuOkami said: View Post
    Actually that is concerning, under normal circumstances, it should not repair anything, just perform a scan.
    Right? I entered the chkdsk /f command into an elevated command prompt to check drive C.
    It said that the drive was in use and asked me if I wanted to do chkdsk upon reboot.
    I typed Yes.

    Rebooted and the chkdsk process was actually very fast... It went through rather fast. It just said Scanning and repairing drive... didn't say anything else just went from 1-100% and rebooted...

    So does this mean there's something wrong with my OS drive? Is the drive itself broken or what...?
    Its a new Samsung SSD....
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  3.    13 Feb 2017 #13

    Right now I'm in a hard spot.
    I'm seeing lots of errors in event viewer, some of which look concerning. And running app diagnostic is showing a corrupt windows store cache/ license. From what I've heard from Microsoft store employees, they've told me that the Windows store is a crucial part of the operating system, that its connected to the operating system itself. So if it doesn't work... the OS is going to have problems.

    That being said... Whenever I get any other issues with my computer, I don't know what to blame. I don't know if its the OS acting up or a driver issue. It makes troubleshooting any other problems infinitely difficult if in the background my operating system is... essentially malfunctioning :/
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  4.    13 Feb 2017 #14

    Make sure everything is up to date.

    Go to windows update and make sure it says that you are up to date. Then go to the store and update everything from there.

    Really, honestly don't stress about event viewer. It is there to help if you have a problem and should not be seen as an end in itself. If you want to devote your time to understanding why there are errors reported you'll be wasting your time. Sometimes warnings are written as errors - it doesn't mean anything.

    Look at these threads for example - the guys (including me) are having fun figuring out why but it is utterly pointless from a performance or stability point of view...

    Event Error ID 10016 in Event Viewer...
    Windows 10 Event ID 10010 and 10016 Errors With DistributedCOM
    Event Viewer keeps showing Event ID 10010

    Only worry about it if you are having hundreds written per minute. Even a few hundred a day is nothing to worry about.
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  5.    13 Feb 2017 #15

    I see. I was just worried because I don't know what the corrupt Cache/ licenses could be causing. So I don't know what the errors in the event viewer mean and if any of them are a cause for concern or not.
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  6.    13 Feb 2017 #16

    Its just when I got this computer built I just felt something wasn't right. Whether it was some kind of software issue, system stability, etc. I just didn't know.

    This was before I found out about the Corrupt cache/ licenses and before I started looking at event viewer.

    I just felt something was off, Id get odd bugs here and there. When I found out about the corrupt cache/ licenses, thats when I started worrying...
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  7.    13 Feb 2017 #17

    Wooohah said: View Post
    I see. I was just worried because I don't know what the corrupt Cache/ licenses could be causing. So I don't know what the errors in the event viewer mean and if any of them are a cause for concern or not.
    I had it on a clean install before the store apps had updated.

    You should go to the store and check for updates.

    Then once that is done press + R and type wsreset <enter>. That will do a reset of the Windows Store but don't bother to do it until it is all updated.
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  8.    13 Feb 2017 #18

    I've left on my computer for at least 24 hours already, updates are all completely installed. I've checked windows updates as well as windows store updates, nothing to be found.

    Ran Wsreset and the same issue :/
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  9.    13 Feb 2017 #19

    Humor me please. I might be misunderstanding but I've just re-read the thread and I'm confused.

    Is anything actually not working? Or you are just worried about things in event viewer?
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  10.    13 Feb 2017 #20

    Yes, I've had some things not work, but I don't know what to blame.

    Sometimes I get Windows Image Acquisition service stopped working, which causes my printers scanner to not function. This I know is a windows bug.

    For whatever reason my GPU's are under performing in Battlefield 1, I'm getting about 15-20 FPS less than what everyone else is reporting through benchmarks and their own reviews. Its been the same thing with my 1070 and my 1080, tried different drivers, resetting settings, etc. I can't find anyone else with this problem.

    Sometimes Chrome crashes

    But its mainly the errors that concern me. Lets set aside the event viewer for now, I know a lot of errors in there really don't mean anything/ I shouldn't worry about them.
    But the reliability history.

    Whenever I use certain windows apps like Edge, it will show it stops working. A normal computer that is functioning properly should not show errors when using a built in system application.

    My concern here is I do not know the consequences of this problem, therefore I don't know what other problems it could be causing.

    I'm getting the corrupt cache from the app diagnostic tool, I dont think you can see anything about it in event viewer.
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