Title says it all really.

I have a large number of photos ( mainly items I've listed for sale on eBay, but there are one or two of the family ) stored on my main hard drive and also on an external HDD.

For example, suppose there's a folder that contains images of a book I have on sale. I've customised the folder in Properties to display the front cover of that particular book as the thumbnail.

If I add another photo to that book's folder ( maybe an inscription or a photo of some damage to a particular page ) then more often than not the folder thumbnail changes, sometimes to the default setting of two images taken at random from the folder set side by side but occasionally to an entirely unrelated picture taken apparently at random from elsewhere on the hard drive. So I could end up with a folder thumbnail showing two pages from the inside of the book or a cute photo of my dog. Neither are much use.

If I empty a folder ( when a book sells ) but want to keep the folder as an empty shell in case I find another copy then I get an entirely random image from my pictures as the folder thumbnail. Dog, cat, Bakelite radio, who can guess?

Resetting the folder thumbnail after every change is a pain in the a55.

I've done the standard "Clear and rebuild the thumbnail cache" trick a couple of times, but that just gets me back to the ( useless in this situation ) default setting.

  • Is it possible to make a back up of the "correct" thumbnail settings so I can restore them if they corrupt again?
  • Is there any way to stop the thumbnails corrupting in the first place?

I have seen a couple of complex and scary solutions to thumbnail problems ( involving adjusting the permissions settings deep in the bowels of Windows File Explorer ) but it seems at first reading that to do that would remove all the functionality from the folder thumbnail set-up right across my computer.