I have a question regarding this whole "plugged in, not charging" issue. Four days ago, my Windows 10 tablet started having this issue. I managed to resolve it by turning it off, removing the attachable keyboard, and then plugging it in. As long as I do this now, it charges. Then, two days ago, I started having this issue with my HP, Windows 10 notebook. I thought it was pretty crazy that two of my devices would have the same problem, but I manage to resolve it in a similar way; that is, I have to now completely shut down the device to charge it. And now, today, my regular Asus, Windows 8 laptop is suddenly having the exact same issue. It is plugged in, but not charging. (I still have to figure out how to resolve this on the laptop, but I assume it's going to be the same fix as the notebook.) How can three such different devices all be having the same exact problem? And how can this problem all occur within a few days of each other? Is this some sort of weird Windows glitch?